State Budgeting Matters

2016 Editions

Volume 12, Number 6: Budget Landscape: Ohio’s Health and Human Services Agencies 2018-2019 (December 2016)
Volume 12, Number 5: Ohio Department of Medicaid Budget Preview (November 2016)
Volume 12, Number 4: What’s Next in HIV Care and Prevention? An Overview of and Next Steps for the Ohio Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Plan, 2017-2021 (November 2016)
Volume 12, Number 3: Ohio Pursues Multiple Strategies for Expanding Housing Options for Persons with Serious Mental Illness Making Progress but Need Remains (May 2016)
Volume 12, Number 2: The Medicaid IMD Exclusion Comes Under Increased Scrutiny as Opioid Epidemic Kills Hundreds of Ohioans (March 2016)
Volume 12, Number 1: Reports Lay Out Path for Ending HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Ohio (March 2016)


2015 Editions

Volume 11, Number 14: Trends in Local Tax Policy  (December 2015)
Volume 11, Number 13: Trends in State General Revenue Fund Tax Policy (November 2015)
Volume 11, Number 12: The Department of Developmental Disabilities FY 2016 – 2017 Budget: Taking the Road toward Change (July 2015)
Volume 11, Number 11: Human Service Provisions in H.B. 64, As Enacted: ODJFS, ODMHAS, and ODH (July 2015)
Volume 11, Number 10:Taking Stock of Medicaid Changes in the Final 2016-2017 State Budget (July 2015)
Volume 11, Number 9: Budget Boosts K-16 Funding, but Vetoes Put Damper on Education Budget: Key Provisions of H.B. 64 as Enacted (July 2015)
Volume 11, Number 8: The Senate Rearranges the FY 2016–2017 Budget: Human Service Provisions in H.B. 64 (June 2015)
Volume 11, Number 7: Education Provisions in H. B. 64 (As Passed by the Senate) (June 2015)
Volume 11, Number 6:The House Pushes Back: Update on Human Services in the FY 2016–2017 Budget Bill (May 2015) 
Volume 11, Number 5: Ohio House Medicaid Plan Markedly Different than Indiana Plan; Thousands of Ohio Children and Adults Would Lose Access to Health Care Coverage (May 2015)
Volume 11, Number 4:New Dollars, Guarantees for Public Schools in House Budget; Status Quo for Higher Education (May 2015)
Volume 11, Number 3: Human Service Programs in the FY 2016-FY 2017 Executive Budget: What’s the Plan? (March 2015)
Volume 11, Number 2: K-16 Education Initiatives in the FY 2016-FY 2017 Executive Budget Request (March 2015)
Volume 11, Number 1: A Tale of Three Programs: Participation in SNAP and OWF Falls as Medicaid Enrollment Grows (January 2015)

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