March 20, 2017

1. In the Nation: Six Charts that Illustrate the Divide between Rural and Urban America
We've all heard of the great divide between life in rural and urban America. But what are the factors that contribute to these differences? The Conversation US asked sociologists, economists, geographers and historians to describe the divide from different angles. The data paint a richer and sometimes surprising picture of the U.S. today.

2. In the StateJMOC: Behavioral Health Redesign Update
During this week's Joint Medicaid Oversight Committee, the Directors of the Ohio Department of Medicaid and the Ohio Department of Addiction Services provided an update on the state's redesign of the behavioral health system. While there are many changes that have occurred thus far, they explained, more are to be expected as provisions move to the rulemaking process. Learn more about what was discussed, and the potential implications, in Public Policy Associate Brie Lusheck's latest blog post.

3. In the Region: Big Medicaid Cuts Would Have Vast Impact
Hospitals, researchers, and advocates in Northeast Ohio worry that the initial draft of the GOP's proposed health care law could force them to make tough business decisions that could ripple into the region's economy.

4. At Community Solutions: Repeal of ACA Would Deepen Benefit Cliff
For some low-income families, even a small increase in income causes a drop in the public benefits they can receive, effectively increasing their expenses and hurting their ability to make ends meet - known as a "benefit cliff". Associate Director & Williamson Family Fellow for Applied Research Emily Campbell explores how a repeal of the Medicaid expansion in Ohio would make this "benefit cliff" worse, and potentially leave thousands of Ohioans trapped in poverty.

5. This Week's Featured Infographic: More than a Meal
Meals on Wheels provide home-delivered meals for homebound older adults via locally administered programs. According to Meals on Wheels America, these programs receive about 35 percent of their funding from the federal government through the Older Americans Act. As the Department of Health and Human Services faces budget cuts, programs like this could be at risk. This week's graphic shows the impact that Meals on Wheels have on the safety and well-being of older adults.

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