Anisfield-Wolf Memorial Award

The Anisfield-Wolf Memorial Award is one of two awards presented annually by The Center for Community Solutions. The award and its $25,000 prize are given to a nonprofit community organization for outstanding service; the award fund is held by the Cleveland Foundation. 



Winner of the 2015 Anisfield-Wolf Memorial Award announced on October 21, 2016: EDWINS Leadership and Restaurant Initiative. 

EDWINS Leadership and Restaurant Initiative received the $25,000 Anisfield-Wolf Memorial Award for helping currently and formerly incarcerated individuals to learn and become successful in a skilled trade while removing obstacles that may hinder their transition back into society. The award is presented annually by the Cleveland Foundation and The Center for Community Solutions for outstanding community service.

EDWINS offers a six-month program at EDWINS Restaurant (13101 Shaker Square, Cleveland) and a nine-month program inside Grafton Correctional Institution. Since the program’s opening in 2013, EDWINS reports that none of its 127 graduates have returned to prison, and they have a 97 percent job placement rate within 30 days of completing the program. EDWINS graduates are employed at more than 50 Cleveland fine dining establishments.

“Two years ago, the media reported that Ohio’s prison population was ballooning,” said John R. Corlett, president and executive director of The Center for Community Solutions. “A practical recommendation to improve the situation was to increase community alternatives and rehabilitation programs designed to prevent formerly incarcerated individuals from committing new crimes after their release and, as a result, keep them from returning to prison. That’s exactly what EDWINS is doing.

“EDWINS is providing an effective solution to a critical community issue by helping people before and after their release from prison to learn skills that can be used in their specific field—the hospitality industry—or transferred to other fields,” Corlett said. “And they are doing more by providing services to help them overcome obstacles that have a unique twist for those re-entering society after incarceration and for their families—such as access to basic health care, legal aid, literacy programs, transportation, and employment.”

“The Cleveland Foundation is pleased EDWINS is the recipient of this year’s Anisfield-Wolf Memorial Award,” said Robert E. Eckardt, executive vice president of the Cleveland Foundation. “We provided early funding support to EDWINS and are thrilled it has expanded its mission to create housing for its students, while also renovating and providing new life to three blighted buildings in the Buckeye-Shaker neighborhood.”

EDWINS’ first students were able to move into the new housing development during the summer of 2015. Today, a year later, dormitory-style housing is available for up to 21 students, as well as alumni housing for up to nine graduates of the program.

EDWINS was founded in 2007 by Brandon E. Chrostowski, who serves as president and CEO.  EDWINS may be reached at 216-921-3333,

The Anisfield-Wolf Memorial Award was presented during the 2016 Celebration of Human Services on Friday, October 21, at The Practice Court of The Q.


altThe Anisfield-Wolf Memorial Award is one of two awards established in 1964 by the late Edith Anisfield-Wolf – poet, philanthropist, and civic leader. It is named after her father, John Anisfield, and her husband, Eugene Everett Wolf. Known by those closest to her as a quiet and reserved woman, Edith was ahead of her time in her thinking on social issues. She left her mark on Cleveland and its institutions with her main focus being to eliminate racial friction. A lifetime Clevelander, Edith was an independent, modern woman who pursued her own civic, artistic, and charitable interests. She was active in the Women’s City Club, the Association for Crippled and Disabled, and the Cleveland Public Library. She gained a reputation as “Cleveland’s publicity-shy philanthropist,” “a generous but shrewd businesswoman who could spot a ‘phony’ every time.”

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