Health and Human Service Investments in Northeast Ohio


New County-Level Health and Social Service Investment Charts


Bigger Bucks:
Human Service Investments in Northeast Ohio Increased Since 2010,
Public Investments Still Dominate

Emily Campbell, Williamson Family Fellow for Applied Research
October, 2014

Governments and grantmakers in Northeast Ohio invested more than $6.6 billion in health and human services in 2012, according to the latest available data.  This page presents updated figures for health and social service investments from United Ways, grantmakers, disbursements from the State of Ohio budget, and county property tax levies for each of Northeast Ohio’s 16 counties and the region as a whole.
  • Eighty-six percent of the total health and human service investment came from public sources.  This included state and federal spending allocated by the State of Ohio and local dollars generated by property tax levies.  Grantmakers, excluding United Ways, contributed 13 percent, while the 17 United Ways in Northeast Ohio distributed $58.7 million to make up the final 1 percent of spending.  

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  • While the proportion of most sources remained largely consistent since 2010, the overall pie grew by 9.6 percent or $583 million.  County levy collections decreased slightly, but were offset by larger increases in other categories.

  • The fact that government plays such a large role in providing dollars to address health and social problems continues to have significant implications for grantmakers, service providers, and community leaders.  

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Download county-level health and social service investment charts for Northeast Ohio here.
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