Human Services Advocacy Network

What is the Human Services Advocacy Network?
Human Services Advocacy Network (HSAN) is a diverse network of citizens and representatives from across the health and human service spectrum, including students, seniors, those with disabilities, veterans, young adults and other constituencies that are affected by health and human service policy changes.


Upcoming Meetings



Previous Meetings

Featured Speaker: State Senator Matt Dolan
On April 21, Community Solutions welcomed State Senator Matt Dolan, Ohio Senate District 24 to it's second HSAN meeting, where  regional health and human services leaders had an opportunity to hear the latest policy developments of the current state budget process.





Featured Speaker: State Representative for the 16th District, Dave Greenspan
On February 24, Community Solutions welcomed State Representative Dave Greenspan to the first HSAN meeting of 2017. It was a great opportunity for regional health and human services leaders to hear the latest on statewide policy developments and discuss issues important to Northeast Ohioans.        



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