2011 NEORIO Indicators



Health, social, and economic circumstances contribute to the well-being of individuals and families. It is possible to approximate quality of life by tracking measureable indicators of these factors. Twenty indicators comprise the core of this edition of NEORIO indicators. Each indicator is comparable using data outside the region, impacts a large part of the community, has potential for positive change, and is associated with other aspects of quality of life.

We have divided the indicators, listed below, into two broad categories:

NEORIO Health Conditions, Indicators 1-10

      1. Prenatal Care
      2. Low Birth Weight
      3. Teen Births
      4. Chlamydia
      5. HIV
      6. Tuberculosis
      7. Disabilities
      8. Behavioral Health
      9. Health Insurance Coverage
     10.Years of Potential Life Lost

NEORIO Social & Economic Conditions, Indicators 11-20

11. High School Graduation

      12. Educational Attainment
      13. Employment
      14. Unemployment
      15. Income Inequality
      16. Renter Housing Affordability
      17. Racial & Ethnic Residential Segregation
      18. Child Maltreatment
      19. Domestic Violence
      20. Elder Abuse 

NEORIO County Profiles (May, 2012)

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