Each week, Community Solutions includes an infographic in our e-newsletter, Five Things You Need to Know This Week. Below are the latest CCS infographics of 2016-2017.

Federal Policy Can Impact State Budget (1/3/17)

Federal funds are a large and important component to the budgets of many of Ohio's human service departments, so policy choices in Washington can have big impacts on local programs. The chart below, from Budget Landscape: Ohio's Health and Human Services Agencies 2018-2019 released by Community Solutions last month, shows that more than two-thirds of the Ohio Department of Health budget in FY 2016 came from federal sources.

Report Analyzes Risk Factors for Infant Mortality (11/7/16)

Increasingly, policymakers and community organizations are turning their attention to the issue of infant mortality in Ohio. This week's featured graphic, a map of infant mortality rates across the states, highlights the severity of the problem. In a new report, CCS Research Fellow Joseph Ahern analyzed birth data to look at risk factors for infant mortality around the state, such as low birth-weight, prematurity, and maternal smoking during pregnancy. 

Poverty Has Decreased for People of All Ages (9/19/16)

The 2015 census data that was released late last week showed good news for advocates around the country- poverty rates are going down. Ohio has also experienced this drop in poverty, and as this week's graphic shows, poverty is decreasing for people in all age groups. To read more highlights from the latest census data, visit our blog.


Ohio's "Benefit Cliff" is a Roller Coaster for Low- to Middle-Income Families

For families that struggle to make ends meet; even getting a raise can create a challenge. This week's graphic shows the dips and dives that a family's monthly budget can take as their income rises. Click here to read more about the roller coaster that is the path from poverty to prosperity in Ohio.


Other Infographics:

Report Finds Senior Poverty is Increasing (6/13/16)
The Center For Community Solutions' reportInvesting in Older Adults: Demographic and Funding Trends in the Western Reserve Service Area, found that senior poverty has risen slightly since 2000, though the high senior poverty rates are concentrated in the cities of Cleveland and East Cleveland, as well as Pittsfield Township in Lorain County. This graphic highlights these shifts.

Research Finds Disparities in Ohio's Teen Birth Rates (6/20/16)
While Ohio's teen birth rate has dropped by over 60 percent in the past 25 years, disparities still exist. This week's infographic reveals some of the racial, ethnic, and geographic disparities that exist in Ohio. For more detailed information, check out our June Common Ground.

CCS Updated County Profiles (7/11/16)
Community Solutions is pleased to release updated data factsheets for each of Ohio's 88 counties. The profiles feature data related to the health and human services in Ohio and are a useful resource for those looking to better understand the needs in their community. To read about trends from this year's profiles, check out our blog, or click here to download your county's profile.


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