June 20, 2016

Congratulations to the Cleveland Cavaliers on Winning
the 2016 NBA Championship!

1. In the Nation: 420 Health Centers Receive Funding to Expand Oral Health Services
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services awarded a total of $156 million to expand access to integrated oral health care services and improve oral health outcomes. Ohio received nearly $6.5 million awarded to 16 health centers.

2. In the State: Pending Proposal Could Give Ohio $45 Million in Funding for Drug Treatment
The Obama administration has sent a proposal to Congress to increase access for Americans to drug treatment services, particularly medication-assisted treatment. The proposal, which must be approved by Congress, would distribute the money over two years to reduce treatment costs, primarily for the uninsured and underinsured.

3. In the Region: Demographic Profile of the Labor Force in Northeast Ohio, 2011-2013
How do Northeast Ohioans compare by age, sex, race and education when it comes to employment and occupation? A new CCS report details the demographics of the region's workforce and finds differences between men and women and among racial and ethnic groups.

4. At Community Solutions: Fathers Matter: An Update on Cuyahoga County's Fatherhood Initiative
Fathers play an important role in our culture and our society. However, there are not many public sector entities in which there is an entire division where the sole purpose is to support Fathers. In his recent blog, Policy Planning Associate & Community Advocacy William Tarter Jr. writes about testimony given by Al Grimes, director of the Cuyahoga County Fatherhood Initiative to the Cuyahoga County Council Health, Human Services and Aging Committee.

5. This Week's CCS Infographic: Research Finds Disparities in Ohio's Teen Birth Rates
While Ohio's teen birth rate has dropped by over 60 percent in the past 25 years, disparities still exist. This week's infographic reveals some of the racial, ethnic, and geographic disparities that exist in Ohio. For more detailed information, check out our latest Common Ground.

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