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State Budgeting Matters is a periodic in-depth review of critical issues related to Ohio’s budget and their impact on health, social, and economic conditions around the state.  Links to SBMs from the past few years are provided below.



2018-2019 State Budget, As Enacted: Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services 

By Adam White, Graduate Assistant
August, 2017

The Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services received an all-funds increase of over 12 percent in the recently enacted State Budget. In this edition of State Budgeting Matters, CCS Graduate Assistant Adam White details decisions and investments made in the budget surrounding the opioid crisis, the Behavioral Health Redesign, and multi-system youth. 

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2018-2019 State Budget, As Enacted: Ohio Departments of Medicaid and Health

By Loren Anthes, Public Policy Fellow 
August, 2017

In the final installment of the State Budgeting Matters series covering Ohio’s biennial budget, Policy Fellow Loren Anthes looks at the Ohio Department of Medicaid and the Ohio Department of Health. Given the very rare veto overrides took place, most of which dealt with Medicaid, the following SBM explains what happened between Conference Committee and the House, and what the Senate has to deliberate in the coming weeks.

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2018-2019 State Budget, As Enacted: Ohio Departments of Aging, Developmental Disabilities, & Job and Family Services

By Brie Lusheck, Public Policy Associate 
August, 2017

The State budget has completed its journey through both legislative chambers and to the Governor’s desk. Governor Kasich made a record number of vetoes, and the Ohio House has greeted those vetoes with history making overrides. With action from the Senate looming on the horizon, find out the in this edition of CCS’s State Budgeting Matters as Brie Lusheck takes a closer look at the Ohio Departments of Job and Family Services, Department of Developmental Disabilities, and Aging budget requests, as enacted.

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