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Provider Contracts Dominate Final County Council HHSA Committee Meetings

The November 16, 2017, meeting of the Cuyahoga County Health, Human Services and Aging Committee featured a list of contracts that were before the committee, as the county authorized and re-authorized contracts to begin in 2018. The testimony opened with Director Bernadette Kerrigan of First Year Cleveland and Matt Carroll, Chief Economic Opportunity and Growth...


The Behavioral Health Approach to Closing Ohio’s Educational Achievement Gap

Having convened for its final two scheduled meetings earlier this month, the Speaker’s Task Force on Education and Poverty (STFEP) will soon present its findings and recommendations for closing Ohio’s educational achievement gap in a report to the General Assembly. Over the past five months, The Center for Community Solutions has followed the deliberations of...


Who Do Survivors of Sexual Assault Trust?

The Center for Community Solutions recently had the opportunity to conduct a needs assessment for Cleveland Rape Crisis Center (CRCC). One goal of the assessment was to learn more about how residents of Cuyahoga County get connected to services. Where do survivors of sexual assault or rape turn for help? Who do people trust to...


Why Profiles? 3 Good Reasons

In the past year and a half, I have managed the creation of 303 different community data profiles. You’ve probably seen them–they are one-page fact sheets that contain data about different geographies. We’ve released them for each county in Ohio, each state and federal legislative district in Ohio, each neighborhood in Cleveland, and most recently,...


Joint Medicaid Oversight Committee: Behavioral Health Redesign Beta Testing Part II

On November 16, the Joint Medicaid Oversight Committee (JMOC) met to revisit the topic of beta testing Ohio’s Behavioral Health Redesign. This time, in addition to a presentation by Medicaid Director Barbara Sears and other Kasich administration staff, JMOC heard from the Ohio Association of Health Plans (OAHP), The Ohio Council of Behavioral Health &...


Mayoral Senior Forum at Eliza Bryant draws more than 60 attendees

On October 25, 2017, the Council On Older Persons (COOP), in collaboration with Eliza Bryant Village, hosted the Senior Forum with Cleveland’s mayoral candidates: incumbent Mayor Frank G. Jackson and challenger City Councilman Zack Reed. The event was held at Eliza Bryant Village, the oldest senior living facility for African Americans in the country. (Eliza...


Federal, State, and Local Budgeting Matters: Takeaways from the Celebration of Human Services’ Panel of Budget Experts

As Ohio Budget Director Tim Keen began addressing a room full of Northeast Ohio human services professionals, he remarked that the drive from Columbus to Cleveland always bears reminders of the impacts of state investments. Cleveland landmarks like Progressive Field, the “Q,” and Playhouse Square all serve as tangible, brick and mortar evidence of the...


Collaboration: “Not for the Faint of Heart”

Health and social issues are so complex that no single agency can expect to solve them alone. Limited resources required nonprofits, government, and funders alike to be creative in stretching dollars to make an impact. Collaboration is often regarded as a solution to both the complexity problem, and the resources problem. But as panelists at...

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