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The Anisfield-Wolf Memorial Award is one of the awards presented annually by The Center for Community Solutions. The award and its $25,000 prize are given to a Greater Cleveland, nonprofit, community organization for outstanding service; the award fund is held by the Cleveland Foundation.

Award Presentation

The winner of the Anisfield-Wolf Memorial Award will be featured during the annual Celebration of Human Services on Friday, October 21. 

Nominations are closed for this year. 

To nominate an organization for the $25,000 Anisfield-Wolf Memorial Award, complete and submit the following two documents via email by NOON, June 16, 2022:

  • Nomination form
  • Nomination statement: Typed narrative, one or two 8.5×11 pages, no smaller than 11-point font

 What organizations may be nominated?

  • Public service organization
  • Located in the Greater Cleveland area
  • Nonprofit organization (privately funded, tax-supported, or both)

May organizations which were nominated in the past be nominated again?

Yes. However, organizations that have won the award should wait 10 years before being nominated again.

What should an organization have accomplished in order to be nominated?

The organization should have performed “outstanding service” for the community. The “service” may have been a program, or it may have been a single, specific activity. It may be “outstanding” because of quality or quantity; because it was new, original, or innovative; or for any other reason the nominator deems significant. It must reflect performance that goes beyond the organization’s normal and expected activity. The award is not for excellence in performing routine tasks aimed at fulfilling the organization’s basic mission. A substantial portion of the outstanding service being recognized must have been performed during 2020-2021.

 What makes a good nomination for this award?

Edith Anisfield Wolf (1889-1963) dedicated her life to philanthropy and literature. A published poet fluent in several languages, she was one of the first women on the board of the Cleveland Public Library. She established the Anisfield-Wolf Book Awards in 1935 to honor literature that furthered the cause of “race relations” (as she later wrote in her will), deepened our understanding of racism and enhanced our appreciation of the rich diversity of human cultures. She was especially concerned about human welfare and literary arts, leaving her books to the library and her home on East Blvd. to the Cleveland Welfare Society. She also directed that her money be used for this community service award. An especially suitable nomination would reflect Edith Anisfield Wolf’s abiding attention to the voices of people at the margins, and her urgency in building a more just community.

Who may submit a nomination?

Anyone may nominate an organization for this award. An organization may nominate itself.

How should a nomination be submitted?

Completed nomination forms with their nomination statements should be emailed as attachments to Subject line: AW Nomination.


A list of previous winners may be found here:

Note: In addition to serving as an award nomination, submitted information may be used by Community Solutions in updating the community about what is happening in health and human services.