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January 4, 2015


In 2015, Community Solutions’ Board of Directors approved a new strategic plan intended to guide work through the next several years. Its priority focus areas include: Strengthening the Health and Human Services Safety Net; Supporting Sound Medicaid Policy; Advancing the Safety, Health, and Economic Wellbeing of Older Adults; Improving Maternal and Infant Health; Improving Access...

January 4, 2010


As Community Solutions celebrated 100 years of service to Cleveland and Northeast Ohio, we began reporting detailed health and social indicator data for Ohio counties, state and federal legislative districts, and Cleveland neighborhoods. Community Solutions helped Akron City Health Department and the Summit County Health Department join forces as one coordinated body. In conjunction with...

January 4, 2000


The Federation became more of a community engine for research and analysis, advocacy, and problem solving. As a result, it changed its name in 2004 to The Center for Community Solutions. With community input, Community Solutions’ followed its name change by selecting four key areas in which to concentrate its resources: youth development; extensive study...

January 4, 1990


The Federation served as a catalyst for improving child immunization, helping create a community immunization registry implemented by the Cuyahoga County Board of Health to help ensure that all children in Cuyahoga County received preventive health care. The Federation formed the Cuyahoga County Welfare Reform Council in response to the passage of federal and state...

January 4, 1980


The Federation administered The AIDS Commission of Greater Cleveland, and created a database containing information about the number of new and potential AIDS cases, services, and unmet needs. Throughout the decade, the Federation took a leading role in programs targeting HIV AIDS prevention and treatment. The Federation addressed the unmet health care needs of the...

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