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Ohio’s Multi-System Youth Coalition

Community Solutions is proud to be a member of the Ohio Multi System Youth Coalition. The Coalition consists of youth, families, providers and stakeholders from across Ohio committed to better outcomes for multi-system youth (MSY) and their families. The Coalition has continually worked on issues related to youth and families since 2016, with the formation of...


Community Solutions’ 2022-23 budget priorities

The past year has been unlike any other. The COVID-19 pandemic, a resulting economic crisis and a reckoning on deep and persistent racial disparities in the state and country should shape the state’s 2022-2023 budget deliberations. The Center for Community Solutions has developed budget priorities that are informed by this landscape and the pressing issues...


The impact of policing on law enforcement mental health

The American Public Health Association has designated police violence as a public health crisis. It disproportionately impacts Black Americans, but especially unarmed Black Americans. In 2015, Black Americans accounted for 26.5 percent of those people who were killed by police, even though they only make up 13.2 percent of the population.[1] The Journal of the...


Multi-system youth funding offers lifeline to Ohio families 

By: Tara Britton, Director of Public Policy and Advocacy | Edward D. and Dorothy E. Lynde Fellow Gayle Channing-Tenenbaum, Consultant The state’s current operating budget, approved in July 2019, included dedicated funding of $18 million, across two years, to address the needs of multi-system youth (MSY). MSY are children and teenagers with complex developmental and behavioral...


How the criminalization of mental illness and substance use disorders impacts African-Americans in Ohio

It is well established that minorities, especially African-Americans, are overrepresented in the nation’s criminal justice system, and have been since the prison population began to skyrocket four decades ago, and Ohio’s penal system looks no different. Black people in Ohio are nearly three times more likely to be in jail compared to the state’s general...