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The John Corlett Rapid Response Fund: Empowering effective advocacy when it matters most

John Corlett is retiring after 41 years in Ohio’s non-profit and government affairs service but will continue to be a tireless advocate for our community. He is the expert in the room, a savvy strategist, a Medicaid expert, a data guy, a news commenter, and an advocate. In two terms at The Center for Community Solutions, first as Medicaid Fellow, and most recently as Executive Director, John has served nearly 18 years at the organization.

To honor John’s 45 years of dedication and service, we’ll be launching the John Corlett Rapid Response Fund at the Center for Community Solutions, which will continue his legacy as a champion for those whose voices are not heard.

This flexible fund will allow Community Solutions to take quick action when policy and advocacy needs of our community issues arise.


Help us launch the John Corlett Rapid Response Fund!

You can donate to the fund in two ways: via the donate button below, select your donation amount and type in “JCCR Fund” in the comment box, or check through your bank’s bill pay or USPS.

Please make checks payable to:

The Center for Community Solutions
1300 East Ninth Street, Suite 1703
Cleveland, OH 44114
Memo: JCCR Fund

John Corlett Rapid Response Fund Host Committee

Event Co-Chairs: Carrie Carpenter, Marcia Egbert & Kyle Miller

Airica Steed
Alesha Washington
Amy & Ira Kaplan
Amy & Marc Morgenstern
Amy Goldstein & Marc Sigal
Andrea Stanard Lyons
Andrew Katusin
Anne Goodman
Anne Hill
Auggie Napoli
Bernadette Kerrigan
Betsey Kaufman
Betsie Norris
Bill Doll
Bonnie Bolitho
Brian Perera
Bridget Harrison
Carrie Carpenter
Carter Strang
Cecil Lispcomb
Chris Alvarado
Chris Knestrick
Christie Manning
Christine Link
Claire Rosacco
Claudia Coulton
Colleen Cotter
Connie Hill-Johnson
Curt Steiner & Jan Allen
Dabney Conwell
Dale Anglin
Dan Moulthrop
Daniel Cohn

Daniel Letterberg-Klein
David Goodman & Barbara Hawley
David Ellis & Cathy Loucus
David Abbott & Jan Roller
David Campbell & Tom Connors
David Margolius
David B. Miller
David Wittkowsky & James Anderson
Denise Zeman
Doug Beach
Doug Van Auken
Doug Wang
Edward Stockhausen
Emily Thome
Eric Wobser
Erica Anthony
Erika Rudin-Luria
Evelyn Burnett
Felton Thomas
Gail Long & Zachary Schiller
Genesis Brown
Greg & Tana Peckham
Gretchen Snediker & Scott Jackson
Habeebah Rasheed Grimes
Hannah Halbert
Heather Lenz
Heather Stoll
Helen Forbes Fields
India Pierce Lee
J. Benett Guess
Jacklyn Chisholm
Jane Campbell
Janus Small
Jazmin Long
Jeff Zelmer & Brandon Sitler Zelmer
Jenice Contreras

Jeremy Johnson
Jessica Cohen
Jill Paulsen
Jill Rizika
Jim & Marge Misak
Joan Englund
Joe Cimperman & Nora Romanoff
John & Carole Begala
John Gest
Joseph Nanni
Josh Kramer
Joy Johnson
Kate Warren
Katie & Nate Kelly
Ken Surratt
Kristin Warzocha
Kyle Miller
LaRaun Clayton
Lee Fisher & Peggy Zone Fisher
Loren Anthes & Emily Lungard
Lori McClung & Marvin Hayes
Lynn Koster
Marcia Egbert & Jeff Hagan
Margaret Wheeler
Mary Boyle
Maureen Corcoran
Melissa & Todd Federman
Melissa Graves
Merle Gordon
Michael Riley
Michelle Rose
Michelle Tomallo
Mike Buck
Mitchell Balk
Nancy Lesic
Nancy Mendez

Noelle Celeste & Jon Benedict
Orion Bell
Patrick Shepherd & Jason Lansdale
Patty Shlonsky
Phyllis Harris
Cuyahoga County Council President Pernel Jones, Jr.
Rachel Cahill
Richard Jones
Rick Kemm
Scarlett & Rich Bouder
Scott Osiecki
Semanthie Brooks
Sharon Sobol-Jordan
Sondra Miller
Sonya Pryor-Jones
Sue Berger & Bob Brown
Susan Althans
Susan Krey
Tamiyka Rose
Ted Strickland
Terry Allan
The Honorable Blaine Griffin
The Honorable Chris Ronanye
The Honorable Janine Boyd
The Honorable Justin Bibb
The Honorable Mike Skindell
The Honorable Nickie Antonio
Tim Aherns
Tim Hagan
Tracy Mason
Victor Ruiz