2018-2019 State Budget, As Enacted: Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services

Adam White, Graduate Assistant

July 31, 2017

Details decisions and investments made in Ohio’s enacted state budget surrounding the opioid crisis, the Behavioral Health Redesign and multi-system youth.

Key Takeaways

  • In a plan called Ohio HOPES (Heroin, Opioids, Prevention, Education, Safety), the House budget featured a funding package of $170.6 million over the biennium to support behavioral health services addressing growing needs created by the state’s opiate crisis.
  • Funding for the Prevention and Wellness line item was cut by 22 percent
  • The enacted version of the budget preserved provisions made by the Senate to implement recommendations made by the Joint Legislative Committee on Multi-System Youth. This will increase access to treatment and supports for children and adolescents with complex mental health, addiction or developmental needs that cannot be met by a single care system.
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