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October 22, 2018

From Point A to Point B: Transportation as a Social Determinant in Medicaid

INTRODUCTION Time is money. This cliché is a cliché because the lens of time as an economic analytical tool is not new or unexplored territory. Time has a value, intrinsically and in very real financial terms, and is a key measurement in analyzing the effectiveness of decisions around resources. In most healthcare reimbursement schemes, including...

October 8, 2018

Who Receives Food Assistance in Ohio? Implications of Work Requirements for SNAP Enrollment across Racial, Ethnic and Geographic Divisions

KEY TAKEAWAYS The majority of families receiving food assistance in Ohio are white, but African-American families are overrepresented. SNAP enrollment rates exceed poverty rates for most racial/ethnic groups across Ohio. Counties exempt from SNAP work requirements have even wider margins between poverty and SNAP enrollment rates, particularly among minority populations. Counties exempt from SNAP work...

September 4, 2018

Strategic review of Medicaid Part three

In “Part III: Recommendations” of the Strategic Review of Medicaid series, we take the information outlined in the previous two sections and synthesize some policy concepts that are worth considering once the Kasich Administration ends. While there has been a tremendous amount of change over the course of the last eight years, much of which...