Most Treasured Volunteer Award

Celebrating Volunteers in Greater Cleveland’s Health and Social Services Community

Most Treasured Volunteer Awards are usually presented during the annual Celebration of Human Services. Due to COVID-19, plans for the presentation are being adjusted and information will be available soon. 

When are nominations due?
Nominations are now closed.

Who may be nominated?
Any health or social services volunteer for work that benefited residents of Northeast Ohio during 2019-2020. People nominated in the past may be nominated again. No posthumous awards will be given. No more than one person may be nominated by an organization in a given year.

May a group of volunteers be nominated?
No. An MTV Award recognizes the efforts of an individual. Group nominations will not be accepted.

Who may make a nomination?
Anyone may make a nomination. Volunteers may nominate themselves.

What should be included in a nomination?
Complete the nomination form; describe the efforts of the volunteer and why he/she is particularly “treasured.” Your description is the only tool the judges have to get to know your nominee and his/her story; make it as compelling as possible by giving examples, testimonials and/or photos. Judges will look for innovative approaches, unusual challenges overcome, accomplishments, community need for the activity, and impact on the community. If the volunteer has already received significant public attention for his/her activity, he/she is still eligible but highlight a unique or unknown aspect of his/her volunteer experience. Please do not send reports, DVDs, etc.

MTV AWARD NOMINATION FORM (Word) (print, complete, send)

How should a nomination be submitted?
Completed nomination forms with their nomination statements should be emailed as attachments to Subject line: MTV Nomination.


Note: In addition to serving as an award nomination, submitted information may be used by Community Solutions in updating the community about what is happening in health and human services.

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