Voters in more than half of Ohio counties will see health and human services levies on their ballots in November

In this year’s November 2nd general election, Ohio voters will see 53 county-wide health and human services levies in 47 different counties on their ballots. These HHS levies would fund a number of programs, including services for seniors, Ohioans with developmental disabilities, mental health and addiction recovery services, and children’s services, in addition to operations and programs of county health districts and overall health and human services.

Ohio voters will see 53 county-wide health and human services levies in 47 different counties on their ballots.

Seven of the 53 county levies request funding for multi-county Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services (ADAMHS) Boards. Twelve levies seek funding for county health districts, and 16 levies would fund services and facilities for seniors.

Most of the levies on ballots this fall seek a continuation of existing funding, with 32 proposed renewal levies, and six proposed renewals with an increase. Brown, Clinton, Guernsey, Lorain, Medina, Preble and Vinton Counties all have two health and human service related levies on their ballots this fall, and Morrow County has three.

Proposed property tax levies across the state use mills, or millage rates, to represent the amount each homeowner would pay for the levy. The millage rate for a levy is the amount of tax per $1,000 of a property’s assessed value. For example, a 1 mill levy would result in a homeowner paying $1.00 for every $1,000 of their property’s assessed value.

Be sure to visit your county Board of Election website using the directory on the Secretary of State’s website to find your full sample ballot.

There are many more local city, township and school district levies on ballots across the state. Be sure to visit your county Board of Election website using the directory on the Secretary of State’s website to find your full sample ballot.

Community Solutions will keep an eye on election results and release an update on how these levies fared. Don’t miss your opportunity to vote on these important issues!

CountyLevy CategoryType of RequestRate RequestedLevy Period
AdamsChildren's ServicesAdditional1 mill5 years
AshlandHuman and Social ServicesAdditional2 mills5 years
AthensSenior ServicesRenewal0.75 mills5 years
Athens, Hocking and Vinton CountiesMental Health & RecoveryRenewal1 mill10 years
BelmontSenior ServicesRenewal1 mill5 years
BrownSenior ServicesRenewal0.8 mills5 years
BrownHealth DistrictAdditional0.5 mills5 years
CarrollCounty HomeReplacement1.4 mills5 years
ChampaignHealth DistrictRenewal0.4 mills5 years
Champaign and Logan CountiesMental Health & RecoveryReplacement0.7 mills5 years
ClarkHealth DistrictReplacement1 mill5 years
ClintonHealth DistrictRenewal0.5 mills5 years
ClintonSenior ServicesRenewal and Increase2.35 mills5 years
Clinton and Warren CountiesMental Health & RecoveryRenewal1 mill5 years
Miami, Darke and Shelby CountiesMental Health & RecoveryRenewal0.6 mills5 years
Defiance, Williams, Fulton and Henry CountiesMental Health & RecoveryRenewal0.7 mills5 years
DelawareDevelopmental DisabilitiesRenewal and Decrease2 mills5 years
Delaware and Morrow CountiesMental Health & RecoveryRenewal and Increase1.5 mills5 years
ErieHealth DistrictRenewal0.2 mills5 years
Fayette, Highland, Pickaway, Pike and Ross CountiesMental Health & RecoveryRenewal1 mill10 years
GalliaHealth DistrictReplacement0.5 mills10 years
GuernseyPublic HealthRenewal0.5 mills6 years
GuernseyPublic HealthRenewal0.5 mills10 years
HamiltonChildren's ServicesRenewal and Increase4.51 mills5 years
HancockSenior ServicesRenewal1.2 mills5 years
HenryPublic HealthRenewal1.2 mills5 years
HockingSenior ServicesRenewal0.5 mills5 years
KnoxSenior ServicesRenewal0.79 mills5 years
LorainHealth DistrictRenewal0.5 mills5 years
LorainPublic HealthRenewal with Decrease0.06 mills5 years
MahoningDevelopmental DisabilitiesRenewal2 mills5 years
MedinaCounty HomeRenewal and Increase0.275 mills5 years
MedinaHealth DistrictRenewal and Increase0.85 mills10 years
MeigsDevelopmental DisabilitiesRenewal2 mills5 years
MontgomeryHealth and Human or Social ServicesRenewal8.21 mills8 years
MorganPublic HealthAdditional0.75 mills10 years
MorrowSenior ServicesRenewal0.5 mills5 years
MorrowDevelopmental DisabilitiesRenewal and Increase4.5 millsContinuous
MuskingumSenior ServicesRenewal0.5 mills5 years
NobleSenior ServicesRenewal0.4 mills5 years
PauldingPublic HealthRenewal0.5 mills10 years
PickawaySenior ServicesRenewal0.75 mills5 years
PikeHealth DistrictAdditional1 mill10 years
PrebleSenior ServicesReplacement and Increase1.5 mills5 years
PrebleHealth DistrictRenewal0.3 mills5 years
RossHealth DistrictRenewal1 mill5 years
SciotoSenior ServicesRenewal0.2 mills5 years
UnionHealth DistrictReplacement0.5 mills10 years
VintonSenior CitizensRenewal0.05 mills5 years
VintonPublic HealthReplacement1 mill5 years
WarrenSenior CitizensRenewal1.21 mills5 years
WoodSenior CitizensRenewal0.7 mills5 years