July 28, 2014

1. In the Nation: New York Debates Whether Housing Counts As Health Care
The state of New York intends to spend $260 million Medicaid dollars over the next two years on supportive housing units. However, the federal government will not match it since housing is not considered a health care expense. New York’s Medicaid Director argues that paying for housing saves Medicaid money and that federal Medicaid already covers for long stays in nursing homes and hospitals rather than more affordable supportive housing.

2. In the State: Nearly 2,400 Ohioans Found Jobs Through the Ohio Works Incentive Program
In its first year, the Ohio Works Incentive program found 2,400 Ohioans jobs, with 38 percent of the job-holders earning at least $9.80 per hour, enough to be taken off public assistance. Ohio's 20 regional workforce boards administer the program, and their success in making placements has varied. The board serving Athens, Meigs, and Perry counties found jobs for every one of its 156 program participants despite having some of the highest unemployment rates in Ohio. Other areas are struggling to place participants, such as Cuyahoga County, which found work for 181 out of 931 participants.

3. In the Region: Beech Brook’s Debra Rex to Receive 2014 Behavioral Healthcare Champion Award

Beech Brook President and CEO Debra Rex has been selected by Behavioral Healthcare as one of its 2014 Behavioral Healthcare Champions. She is one of only five individuals chosen nationwide for their unique brand of dedication, courage, inspiration, and excellence as leaders of behavioral health organizations. The 2014 Champions were selected from dozens of outstanding nominees who are making a difference in the development, delivery, and effectiveness of mental health care services.

4. At Community Solutions: 72nd H.S.I. Features The Atlantic's Ta-Nehisi Coates
Please join Community Solutions, in partnership with The City Club of Cleveland, on Friday, August 22, from noon-1:30 p.m. as we listen to Ta-Nehisi Coates, senior editor of The Atlantic, deliver the Annual Eugene H. Freedheim Lecture at the 72nd Annual Human Services Institute. In his recent article, "The Case for Reparations," he argues that government reparations should be considered for African-American communities to make up for injustices that have built up over the years and left many on unequal footing. To register for this event visit www.CityClub.org/events/the-case-for-reparations.

5. To Consider:
AmericanPoverty.org is a nonprofit alliance of photojournalists using visual media to raise awareness about poverty in the United States, dispel inaccurate and destructive stereotypes about poor people, and encourage action to alleviate poverty. Their first video profile highlights a family in Athens County, Ohio, where 32 percent of people live in poverty and the median income is $33,950. Watch the video and visit the website to see the faces of poverty at home and across the nation.

Photographs and Video: Steve Liss

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