November 17, 2014

1. In the Nation: Free Webinar with United Way Worldwide President This Wednesday
The National Association of Planning Councils is hosting a free Webinar this Wednesday, November 19, at 4pm featuring Stacey Stewart, president of United Way Worldwide, who will discuss United Way and Community Impact. Ms. Stewart drives the strategic direction for United Way in the U.S., working with leaders throughout the United Way network to drive community impact in the areas of education, income, and health—the building blocks for a good quality of life, according to the United Way Worldwide. To learn more and register for this Webinar click here.

2. In the State: More Difficult to Earn a Living Wage in Low-Skill Jobs
Lower-skill jobs with good pay can often be difficult to find, especially ones that lead to further career advancement. Not having some form of post-secondary education or training often leads to less earning and fewer employment prospects. In response, educational institutions, workforce training advocates and employers are engaging workers who land entry-level jobs so that they can then move into higher-paying, more complex ones.

3. In the Region: Erie & Ottawa County Voters Pass Mental Health Levy
The Mental Health and Recovery Board of Erie and Ottawa counties renewed AND INCREASED their annual operating levy at the November 4th General Election, with a whopping YES vote of 59 percent! Congratulations to Executive Director Kirk Halliday, his Board and staff, and the voters of Erie and Ottawa counties.

4. At Community Solutions: CCS in the News
By 2030, the population of people over 65 will nearly double to 70 million and one in four Americans will be over 50 that year. Five years later, in 2035, half of Ohio’s population will either be over 65 or children – and those folks don’t earn much money or pay much in taxes, but do tend to use government services. Learn more about Ohio’s changing demographic in The State of Ohio featuring Community Solutions’ Jon Honeck or read his latest report, Aging Ohio: The Impact of Demographic Change on State Fiscal Policy.

5. This Week's CCS Infographic: ACA Contraceptive Coverage Guarantee
Because of the contraceptive coverage guarantee in the Affordable Care Act, privately insured women are increasingly able to secure a range of contraceptives with less out-of-pocket costs.
Source: Guttmacher Institute, 2014.

11172014 ACA Infographic





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