December 22, 2014

Happy Holidays from Community Solutions!
Our Cleveland and Columbus offices will be closed for the holidays from December 24, 2014 to January 1, 2015. Offices will re-open January 2, 2015.
5Things will return Monday, January 5, 2015.

1. In the Nation: Medical Costs Having An Impact on Families
The latest story in The New York Times series "Paying Till It Hurts" examines stories from real people dealing with high medical costs. Many Americans are seeing increasing out-of-pocket costs and are finding medical care costs more of burden.

2. In the State: Ohio among Least Prepared States for Infectious Disease Outbreaks
Ohio ranks low compared to other states in some public health measures. A recent national report cites a decrease in public health funding and missing the mark on certain vaccinations for Ohio's low rankings. On hospital-acquired infections and meeting food safety standards, Ohio does better than average.

3. In the Region: Local Families to Benefit from New Cuyahoga County Program
One hundred and thirty-five families will benefit from Cuyahoga County’s new 5-year, $5 million program to help tackle homelessness and help children in the foster care system. The program will use a unique financing mechanism, which is being promoted by the White House.

4. At Community Solutions: HIV/AIDS in Ohio in 2014
The field of HIV/AIDS is changing rapidly and Ohio is no exception. In this segment of "High On Ohio," HIV/AIDS in Ohio in 2014 – the Future of Ryan White, Barriers to Health Care, and Opportunities for Prevention, learn from state and national experts about the opportunities to improve services for people living with HIV and reduce new infections.

5. This Week's CCS Infographic: Hunger in Ohio
Ohio households often must make tough choices between purchasing food and other necessities like utilities, transportation, and health care. The infographic below is from a report that highlights data from Ohioans who receive assistance from the Ohio Association of Foodbanks network. As you celebrate the holidays, consider the needs and hardships your neighbors may be facing, and the tradeoffs they might make to put food on the table.
Source: Hunger in Ohio 2014: Executive Summary, Ohio Association of Foodbanks

Watch our latest video, America's Social Contract: 80 Years of Social Security.

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