October 16, 2017

1. In the Nation: How the Drug Industry Derailed the DEA's War on Painkillers
Amid a targeted lobbying effort, Congress last year weakened the DEA's ability to go after drug distributors, even as the opioid epidemic raged and thousands of Americans were dying of overdoses, an investigation by The Washington Post and 60 Minutes found.

2. In the State: 20 Years After Welfare Reform, are Ohio's Poor Any Better Off?
Twenty years after Ohio implemented its version of welfare reform that limited benefits and pushed poor people to work so they would become "self-sufficient" and no longer in need of public assistance, the results have been mixed.

3. In the Region: Schools Add "Social and Emotional" Skills to Reading, Writing, Arithmetic
Jennifer Pelko sees more and more students in the Strongsville schools struggling with stress. "We focus so much on the academic side of things," said Pelko, that district's assistant superintendent. "But a lot of our students have a lot of emotional issues and are ill-equipped to deal with them."

4. At Community SolutionsDid You Know? Sponsored Tickets Have Become Available!
Thanks to the generosity of sponsors, a limited number of donated tickets have become available for the 2017 Celebration of Human Services next Friday, October 20! This year's Celebration includes, not just a luncheon program with an outstanding speaker and exciting awards, but also morning educational sessions. Don't miss your opportunity to obtain a sponsor-donated ticket today. Send an email to info@CommunitySolutions.comSubject Line: Guest Ticket, indicating which of the four morning sessions you would like to attend and/or if you just want to come for the luncheon program. Registration closes today, Monday, October 16.

5. This Week's Featured Infographic: Substance Use Treatment Gap
Only one-in-five Americans with a substance use disorder received treatment in 2016, according to this week's infographic from The Commonwealth Fund. In order to address this staggering treatment gap, they suggest exploring models for treatment in primary care settings. Learn more here.

10162017 Infographic

The Speaker's Task Force on Education and Poverty: The State's Superintendent Weighs In


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