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Grantmaking Overview

2017-2018 Community Responsive Grants 

In May, the AFC released its annual Request for Applications (RFA) for its 2017–2018 responsive funding cycle. The funding priorities for this RFA were: 1) harm reduction; 2) capacity building; 3) pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP); and 4) post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP). Congratulations to our new grantees!

  • Care Alliance Health Center: LGBTQ Healthcare Initiative, $59,021
  • LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland:  Radiant Collective, $39,500
  • Nueva Luz Urban Resource Center:  Fiscal Staff Support, $40,000
  • Ursuline Piazza:  Operating Support, $46,240

Targeted Grants:  As part of the AFC's commitment to become even more strategic and timely with its grantmaking, we began a program of targeted grantmaking in the summer of 2005. With targeted grantmaking, the AFC invites agencies to submit proposals addressing priority areas as they are identified by the AFC or other community organizations. Although these proposals are invited by the AFC, they are subject to the same review and decision-making process laid out in the AFC's bylaws. Recent Targeted Grant Recipients include:

  • University Hospitals, to integrate HIV testing and PrEP education into Emergency Medicine.

AIDS United:  Because the AFC is one of approximately 15 Community Partnerships of AIDS United, opportunities to apply for HIV-related grants administered by AIDS United are available periodically to agencies in our community. We will post information on this site about funding opportunities available through the AFC's affiliation with AIDS United ( as such opportunities arise.