The demographic and socioeconomic research, policy analysis, and recommendations produced by Community Solutions are most often shared by substantive reports, briefs, bulletins, and newsletters. While they were usually produced in print in the past, today, most are electronic publications. Many—new and old—are archived throughout this section of the website for easy reference, first by general topic and then by year and/or date. For information on our publications, please browse our editorial list below. 


JMOC: Behavioral Health Redesign Update (3/20/17) —  A look at the directors of the Ohio Department of Medicaid and the Ohio Department of Addiction Services update on the Ohio's redesign of the behavioral health system.

Repeal of ACA Would Deepen Benefit Cliff (3/15/17) —  Explores how a repeal of the Medicaid expansion in Ohio would make the"benefit cliff" worse, and potentially leave thousands of Ohioans trapped in poverty. 

Proposed American Health Care Act to Cost Ohio $19-26 Billion in Lost Medicaid Funds (3/13/17) — A look at how the House Republican's American Health Care Act, which establishes an alternative Medicaid financing plan built on per capita caps, may affect Ohioans.

Governor's DODD Budget Includes Investments in Waiver Spending and Rate Increases (3/6/17) — An exploration of Governor John Kasich's proposed budget, including increased funding for several important initiatives at the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities.

State Budget Update: Departments of Health, Mental Health and Addiction Services Testify before HHS (3/3/17) — A recap of Ohio departments of Health and Mental Health and Addiction Services directors' testimonies before the House Finance Subcommittee on Health and Human Services.


JMOC: The Medicaid Group VIII Assessment Findings and Highlights on the Medicaid Portion of the Executive Budget (2/23/17Highlights takeaways from the Joint Medicaid Oversight Committee's (JMOC) meeting and offers a brief look at that report and Medicaid details included in the executive budget.

State Legislative District Profiles (2/23/17— Profiles that highlight demographic, health, and social indicators for each of Ohio’s state Senate and House districts.

Re-entry, Homelessness, and Children Healthcare Tops HHSA Committee's Agenda (2/14/17— An update on the first two meetings of the Cuyahoga County Council Health, Human Services and Aging Committee.

The Troubled Prospects of Ohio's 88 Capital Cities and Villages (2/13/17—  This report expands on demographic profiles and policy options first explored in 2016's Big City Problems in Ohio's Small Towns. 

Census Bureau Prepares for 2020 Census and Continues Annual American Community Survey (2/10/17) — A look at the upcoming census and the future of the American Community Survey.

The Managed Care Tax Replacement: Implications for Northeast Ohio and the State Budget (2/8/17) — A look at the Managed Care replacement tax and the long-term implications and future challenges.

Governor's Last Budget Introduced, Heads to Ohio House (2/1/17) — A breakdown of the state budget process, with a snapshot some of the major pieces being offered. 


January Common Ground (1/12/17)  This edition of Common Ground lays out the process and estimated schedule of activities of Ohio budget, introduces CCS new Board Chair Zulma Zabala, recaps recent media mentions, and more.

The Return on Investment of Medicaid Expansion: Supporting Work and Health in Rural Ohio (1/4/17) — A look into the Ohio Department of Medicaid's report on the assessment of the expansion of coverage to non-disabled childless adults and the implications it has for some of Ohio's most challenged communities.


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