The demographic and socioeconomic research, policy analysis, and recommendations produced by Community Solutions are most often shared by substantive reports, briefs, bulletins, and newsletters. While they were usually produced in print in the past, today, most are electronic publications. Many—new and old—are archived throughout this section of the website for easy reference, first by general topic and then by year and/or date. For information on our publications, please browse our editorial list below. 



What Does the “Age Wave” Mean for the Future of Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care in Ohio? (12/13/17) —  Looks at the costs of degenerative brain diseases to Ohio, underscoring the importance of a state task force’s efforts to identify ways to adapt to growing needs in Alzheimer’s and dementia care.

Cuyahoga County Council Unveils and Passes Amendments, as County Budget Process Winds Down  (12/7/17) —  Explores Cuyahoga County Council's amendments to the County budget.

An Overview of State Funding Addressing Maternal and Infant Health (12/7/17) — Provides an overview of the state's investments in maternal and infant health.

Age Wave to Arrive Sooner in Some County Districts  (12/4/17) —  A look at Cuyahoga County Council districts that are quickly approaching the point where persons over the age of 65 will outnumber those under the age of 18.


The Behavioral Health Approach to Closing Ohio’s Educational Achievement Gap (11/30/17) — Recaps the deliberations of the Speaker’s Task Force on Education and Poverty latest meetings.

Who Do Survivors of Sexual Assault Trust? (11/27/17) An exploration of a recent survey conducted by CCS and the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center.

November Common Ground (11/22/17) — Reviews the final state budget, provides an update on the Council On Older Persons, recaps the 2017 Celebration of Human Services, and more.

Why Profiles? 3 Good Reasons (11/20/17) — Explains why community data profiles matter.

Substance Use Prevention in Ohio: Programs, Policies, and Funding to Target Addiction Before it Starts (11/16/17— Provides a landscape of the state's efforts to address drug addiction through substance use prevention. 

Cleveland Ward Profiles (11/20/17) — Data profiles for each of Cleveland's wards.

Cuyahoga County Health and Human Services Budget Presentation Process Concludes (11/15/17) — A review of the testimonies presented before Cuyahoga County Council.

Cuyahoga County Council District Profiles (11/13/17) — Data profiles for each of Cuyahoga County's Council Districts.

Mayoral Senior Forum at Eliza Bryant Draws over 60 Attendees (11/12/17) — A recap of the mayoral candidate forum co-sponsored by the Council On Older Person and Eliza Bryant Village.

Federal, State, and Local Budgeting Matters: Takeaways from the Celebration of Human Services’ Panel of Budget Experts (11/9/17) — A recap of the 2017 Celebration of Human Services “The Triple Crown: Looking at Federal, State and Local Budgeting” breakout session.

Several Local Health Experts Explored Harm Reduction Strategies (11/8/17) — A recap of the 2017 Celebration of Human Services "Covering All the Bases: Harm Reduction Strategies in Northeast Ohio" breakout session.

Collaboration: “Not for the Faint of Heart” (11/8/17) — A recap of the 2017 Celebration of Human Services "Funders Collaborating to Address Human Services" breakout session.

Exploring How to Ride the Age Wave (11/8/17) — A recap of the 2017 Celebration of Human Services “Past, Present, and Future: Riding the Age Wave in Northeast Ohio” breakout session.

The New Rules of Waivers and State Plan Amendments (11/7/17)  A review of the federal Department of Health and Human Services outline of its new criteria for reviewing states' efforts to experiment with their Medicaid programs.

County Council HHSA Committee Hears Testimony on Topic of Child Support and an Update from Board of Developmental Disabilities (11/6/17)  An update on Cuyahoga County Council HHSA Committee testimony hearings 

Cuyahoga County JFS: On the Road to Providing a Superior Customer Experience (11/2/17) — A look at Cuyahoga County's progress in improving customer experience.


State Commission Seeks to Prevent Malnutrition Among Older Ohioans (10/25/17) — Reviews the key themes from the Malnutrition Prevention Commission. 

Joint Medicaid Oversight Committee: Behavioral Health Redesign Beta Testing (10/23/17) — Recaps the October 19, 2017 hearing of the Joint Medicaid Oversight Committee.

The Speaker’s Task Force on Education and Poverty: The Impact of Dropout Recovery Schools (10/19/17) — Recaps testimony from two community dropout recovery schools on the benefits of these schools for at-risk students.

The Budish Administration Unveils 2018-2019 Biennial Budget at Committee on the Whole (10/18/17)  — A look at the Cuyahoga County Executive Armond Budish's proposed a new budget for the 2018-2019.

The Commission on Infant Mortality (10/13/17)  An update on the Commission's Wednesday, October 11, 2017 meeting.

County Budgeting Matters: A Preview of the 2018- 2019 Cuyahoga County Biennial Budget  (10/6/17) — An examination of the Cuyahoga County Fiscal Office report for the Second Quarter of 2017. 

The Speaker’s Task Force on Education and Poverty: The State’s Superintendent Weighs In  (10/3/17) — An update on the task force and analysis of the newly released Ohio School Report Card.


Joint Medicaid Oversight Committee: Behavioral Health Redesign Beta Testing Part II (9/27/17) — An update of the Joint Medicaid Oversight Committee discussion on the state budget process and the Behavioral Health Redesign

The Big Shift – Did it Happen? (9/14/17) — Looks at potential demographic shifts in Ohio, Cuyahoga County, and Cleveland.

Is Cleveland Shrinking or Growing in Population? (9/14/17) — Analyzes the change in Cleveland's population based on newly released census data.

Poverty Numbers in Cleveland – It’s Complicated (9/14/17) — Looks into census data regarding Cleveland's poverty numbers.

Census Update: Ohio’s Uninsured Rates Continue to Decline (9/14/17) — Explores the decline in Ohio's uninsured rate.

September Common Ground (9/13/17)  — This edition highlights the upcoming 2017 Celebration of Human Services, analyzes the 2016 U.S. Census bureau data, recaps recent media mentions, and more.

New Census Data Show Income Increased, and Poverty and Uninsured Declined in 2016 (9/12/17) — Explores census data on poverty and the uninsured rate.

New Data Next Week! What Community Solutions Will Look For (9/6/17) — Details Community Solutions' research plans in anticipation of the release of updated Census data.


Community Solutions 2016 Annual Report: A Think Tank with Muddy Boots (8/30/17 —Highlights our 2016 work.

Bi-partisan State Representative Discussion Draws Largest HSAN Audience to Date (8/30/17) — Provides a recap of the meeting and the variety of healthcare-related topics that were discussed

The Speaker's Task Force on Education and Poverty (8/25/17) — Provides information on the Speaker's Task Force on Education and Poverty and their plans for the future.

Senate Veto Overrides: Senate Veto Overrides: Implications for Ohio’s Medicaid Program (8/23/17) — Explores the the implications of the Senate vetoes on Ohio's Medicaid program.

Four Compelling Facts (and One Excellent Report) (8/2/17) — Explores the most compelling facts from United Way of Greater Cleveland's community assessment. 

2018-2019 State Budget, As Enacted: Ohio Departments of Aging, Developmental Disabilities, & Job and Family Services (8/2/17) — Looks at the Ohio Departments of Job and Family Services, Department of Developmental Disabilities, and Aging budget requests, as enacted in the state budget. 

2018-2019 State Budget, As Enacted: Ohio Departments of Medicaid and Health (8/1/17) — Explores the Ohio Department of Medicaid and the Ohio Department of Health in the enacted state budget.


2018-2019 State Budget, As Enacted: Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (7/31/17) — Details decisions and investments made in Ohio's enacted state budget surrounding the opioid crisis, the Behavioral Health Redesign, and multi-system youth. 

July Common Ground (7/13/17) — This edition looks at the "State Budget Process: Through the Eyes of an Intern," recaps recent op-eds and events, and more. 

Low Birth Weight and Prematurity in Ohio: A Multivariate Analysis (7/7/17) —  An analysis of Ohio's birth records to determine what factors impact low birth weight and prematurity. 


JMOC Hears Testimony from ODM, ODMHAS, and Behavioral Health Providers as Redesign Implementation is Delayed (6/29/17)  —  An overview of the Joint Medicaid Oversight Committee June 28, 2017 meeting. 

Cuyahoga County HHSA Committee Approves Contracts Aimed at Reducing Teen Pregnancy (6/26/17) —  A recap of Cuyahoga County HHSA Committee approval of two contracts aimed at reducing the teen pregnancy rate in school districts across the county.

2018-2019 State Budget, Senate Budget: Ohio Departments of Medicaid and Health (6/23/17) —  Focuses on how the Ohio Senate built upon the work of the Ohio House to manage tightening resources and constrain eligibility and spending in the expansion.

2018-2019 State Budget, Senate Budget: Ohio Departments of Aging, Developmental Disabilities, Job and Family Services, and Mental Health and Addiction Services (6/23/17) —  Reviews the Ohio Senate budget changes affects on the Departments of Aging, Developmental Disabilities, Job and Family Services, and Mental Health and Addiction Services.

How Senate-Passed Version of State Budget Alters House HOPES Plan to Address the Opioid Crisis (6/23/17) —  A comprehensive comparison of the House and Senate plans for combatting Ohio's addiction crisis. 

Ohio Senate Medicaid Provisions Could Jeopardize Self-Reliance (6/23/17) —  A look at how the Senate version of Ohio’s biennial budget would make it more difficult for some Ohio families to move toward self-sufficiency.

Ohio Seniors Missing Out On $50 Million in Hunger Aid (6/5/17) Presents proven strategies for Ohio to reduce senior hunger through maximizing senior participation in SNAP.

Managed Long-Term Services and Supports Second Workgroup Meeting: What’s to Come? (6/1/17) — A firsthand account of the Managed Long-Term Services and Supports program as the Ohio Departments of Medicaid and Aging departments move forward with their July 2018 implementation deadline.


Sexual Health Education Should be Comprehensive, Medically Accurate, Age-appropriate, Evidence-informed, and Inclusive, but What Does that Mean? (5/31/17) — Explores what it really means for sexual health education to be comprehensive, medically accurate, age appropriate, evidence informed and inclusive and how you can advocate for better sexual health education in your community. 

Fighting Food Insecurity Among Older Adults: Ohio’s Home-delivered and Congregate Meals (5/30/17) — Examines how home-delivered and congregate meal programs in Ohio are funded, what challenges they face, and how they are innovating to fight hunger among Ohio’s older adults.

Per Capita Impact: The Effects of the American Health Care Act on County Economies in Ohio (5/24/17) —  An analysis on the potential fiscal impacts of the American Health Care Act (AHCA) in Ohio.

HHSA Committee Approves Revised Homeless Service Contract (5/23/17) —  A recap of the Health, Human Services, and Aging (HHSA) Committee of the Cuyahoga County Council approval of three resolutions regarding various human service contracts.

Ohio General Assembly Considering Implementing Multi-System Youth Recommendations (5/23/17) —  Explores the status of the Joint Legislative Committee on Multi-System Youth recommendations.

2018-2019 House Budget: Ohio Departments of Health, Aging, Developmental Disabilities, Job and Family Services, & Mental Health and Addiction Services (5/19/17) — Examines the differences between the Governor’s introduced budget and the version passed by the Ohio House in several health and human services agencies. 

2018-2019 House Budget: Ohio Department of Medicaid  (5/17/17)  Analyzes the House version of the state budget's effect on Medicaid.

May Common Ground (5/18/17) — Analyzes community levies, announces the request for nominations for the $25,000 Anisfield-Wolf Memorial and Most Treasured Volunteer awards, and recaps board, staff and volunteer achievements, and more.

House-Passed Version of State Budget Includes $170 Million to Address Opiate Crisis and Behavioral Health Needs in the State  (5/17/17) Explores the Ohio House-passed budget $170 million investment over the biennium to address the opiate crisis and behavioral health issues in the state.

Ohio House Rolls Back Additional DODD Funding for Community Services (5/10/17) —  An analysis of the Ohio House approved version of the two-year state budget (H.B. 49) inclusion of significant alterations in proposed funding for the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD). 

Homeless Service Contract Dominates HHSA Meeting Discussion (5/9/17) —  A review of  Cuyahoga County Council Health, Human Services and Aging Committee's approval of two master contracts. 


Budish Administration unveils County Youth Internship Program in HHSA Meeting (4/21/17) A recap of the 4/5/17 meeting of the Cuyahoga County Council Health, Human Services and Aging Committee, where the renewal of a contract between Cuyahoga County prosecutor’s office and the Cuyahoga County Child and Family Services, and the rebranding of the Cuyahoga County Youth Employment Program were reviewed.

Whoops Proof in NEO: Contraceptive Awareness Campaign Implementation and Findings (4/17/17) The findings for the pilot Whoops Proof social marketing campaign.

Earned Income Tax Credit Lifts Families Out of Poverty (4/12/17) — An exploration on how the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) helps to lift families out of poverty.

2018-2019 State Budget, As Introduced: Ohio Departments of Job and Family Services, Mental Health and Addiction Services, and Aging (4/10/17) — A closer look at the Ohio Departments of Job and Family Services, Mental Health and Addiction Services, and Aging budget requests, as introduced in Governor Kasich's budget.

How over 20 Private and Public Organizations in Northeast Ohio Came Together in Support of Comprehensive Sexual Health Education (4/6/17) — The first of a 3-part series on Community Solutions’ commitment to adolescent sexual health.

Get to know the Health and Human Services Levy (4/5/17) — Explores the current revenue generated from the Cuyahoga County Health and Human Services levies, explains some of the services offered by various agencies that receive money from HHS levy dollars, as well as upcoming challenges to Health and Human Services in the coming years.  


2018-2019 State Budget, As Introduced: Ohio Department of Medicaid (3/30/17) — Explores Governor John Kasich's last biennial budget, focusing on the reforms his administration has implemented in Ohio's Medicaid program. 

2018-2019 State Budget, As Introduced: Ohio Departments of Health and Developmental Disabilities (3/27/17)  A comprehensive look at proposals in the Ohio departments of Developmental Disabilities and Health budgets, as introduced in Governor Kasich's budget. 

Ohio Congressional District Profiles (3/22/17) — Detailed profiles of all Ohio Congressional districts.

County Council HHSA Committee Hears Contract Extensions, State Budget Update, Medicaid and More (3/22/17)  — An update on the recent Cuyahoga County Council Health, Human Services and Aging (HHSA) Committee meeting featuring updates on Cuyahoga County Tapestry of Care, Neighborhood Family Services Centers, and The Center for Community Solutions.

JMOC: Behavioral Health Redesign Update (3/20/17) —  A look at the directors of the Ohio Department of Medicaid and the Ohio Department of Addiction Services update on the Ohio's redesign of the behavioral health system.

March 2017 Common Ground (3/20/17) — This edition explores Community Solutions needs assessment process, highlights the release of the Ohio Congressional Districts profiles, announces the October 20th Celebration of Human Services, and more.

Repeal of ACA Would Deepen Benefit Cliff (3/15/17) —  Explores how a repeal of the Medicaid expansion in Ohio would make the"benefit cliff" worse, and potentially leave thousands of Ohioans trapped in poverty. 

Proposed American Health Care Act to Cost Ohio $19-26 Billion in Lost Medicaid Funds (3/13/17) — A look at how the House Republican's American Health Care Act, which establishes an alternative Medicaid financing plan built on per capita caps, may affect Ohioans.

Governor's DODD Budget Includes Investments in Waiver Spending and Rate Increases (3/6/17) — An exploration of Governor John Kasich's proposed budget, including increased funding for several important initiatives at the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities.

State Budget Update: Departments of Health, Mental Health and Addiction Services Testify before HHS (3/3/17) — A recap of Ohio departments of Health and Mental Health and Addiction Services directors' testimonies before the House Finance Subcommittee on Health and Human Services.


JMOC: The Medicaid Group VIII Assessment Findings and Highlights on the Medicaid Portion of the Executive Budget (2/23/17Highlights takeaways from the Joint Medicaid Oversight Committee's (JMOC) meeting and offers a brief look at that report and Medicaid details included in the executive budget.

State Legislative District Profiles (2/23/17— Profiles that highlight demographic, health, and social indicators for each of Ohio’s state Senate and House districts.

Re-entry, Homelessness, and Children Healthcare Tops HHSA Committee's Agenda (2/14/17— An update on the first two meetings of the Cuyahoga County Council Health, Human Services and Aging Committee.

The Troubled Prospects of Ohio's 88 Capital Cities and Villages (2/13/17—  This report expands on demographic profiles and policy options first explored in 2016's Big City Problems in Ohio's Small Towns. 

Census Bureau Prepares for 2020 Census and Continues Annual American Community Survey (2/10/17) — A look at the upcoming census and the future of the American Community Survey.

The Managed Care Tax Replacement: Implications for Northeast Ohio and the State Budget (2/8/17) — A look at the Managed Care replacement tax and the long-term implications and future challenges.

Governor's Last Budget Introduced, Heads to Ohio House (2/1/17) — A breakdown of the state budget process, with a snapshot some of the major pieces being offered. 


January Common Ground (1/12/17)  This edition of Common Ground lays out the process and estimated schedule of activities of Ohio budget, introduces CCS new Board Chair Zulma Zabala, recaps recent media mentions, and more.

The Return on Investment of Medicaid Expansion: Supporting Work and Health in Rural Ohio (1/4/17) — A look into the Ohio Department of Medicaid's report on the assessment of the expansion of coverage to non-disabled childless adults and the implications it has for some of Ohio's most challenged communities.


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points out the costs of degenerative brain diseases to Ohio, underscoring the importance of a state task force’s efforts to identify ways to adapt to growing needs in Alzheimer’s and dementia care.