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  • Securing Stability: Legal Aid’s Lasting Impact (2019)

    Commissioned by The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland and Community Legal Aid, Community Solutions surveyed former clients about how civil legal aid impacted their lives.

  • United Way of Greater Cleveland Community Assessment (2017)

    Community Solutions compiled relevant and timely indicator data and conducted a survey to understand key issues facing greater Cleveland. Our findings underpin the community assessment which is guiding the allocation of funds by United Way of Greater Cleveland.

  • Age Friendly Columbus Findings Report (2017)

    Community Solutions designed hard copy and digital surveys to gather feedback directly from residents across the City of Columbus. The insights guided Age Friendly Columbus’ next steps and AARP recognized our methods as a best practice for assessing the needs of older adults.

  • United Way of Medina County Community Impact Infographics (2017)

    United Way of Medina County wanted to describe their impact to the community.  Community Solutions aggregated and analyzed program outcome information and combined it with Census data to create compelling infographics.

  • Age Friendly Cleveland Action Plan (2016)

    How can Cleveland become a friendlier place for residents of all ages? Community Solutions worked with dozens of agencies to identify actionable strategies and develop a three-year action plan to address community needs. The plan was accepted by the World Health Organization and implementation is underway.

  • Mental Health and Recovery Board of Wayne and Holmes Counties Community Needs Assessment (2015)

    Community Solutions leveraged data inside and outside the Mental Health and Recovery Board to assess mental health and addiction needs and services in Wayne and Holmes Counties. We developed a new methodology to determine how many residents are struggling with behavioral health issues.

  • Provider Capacity and Capability Survey, Cleveland TGA – Ryan White Part A (2015)

    Community Solutions designed and implemented a process to gather new data from providers of services for People Living with HIV/AIDS. We assessed their capacity and identified key challenges facing those organizations, so the Cuyahoga County Board of Health could tailor technical assistance offerings.