Donate to Community Solutions

For more than a century, The Center for Community Solutions has been at the forefront of developing solutions for the important health, social, and economic issues affecting Greater Cleveland. Your donation helps us maintain the legacy and grow to meet community needs.

Why donate to Community Solutions?

As one of the first community chests in the country, we have endowment relationships with foundations and funders across the region.

Data analysis for the public good

When public data records are released, Community Solutions leads the conversation with accurate and timely analysis. We make information from the U.S. Census, the state of Ohio, counties, and leading organizations in the health and humans services space digestible.

Public policy advocacy

Data-informed advocacy is a principle we’ve practiced successfully  for over a century. Our work identifies key policy issues, informs prioritize advocacy activities, and influences policy makers at all levels of government.

Communications and community

Policy and data can be dense and demands attentive study. Our communications and community impact work translates the complexities for the legislature, nonprofit leadership, and to an increasing degree, those in community, most affected by policy.