Our Latest Research

  • Making the Grade: Education and Medicaid in Ohio and Beyond

    As the largest cohort of enrollees in Medicaid, children are one of the most significant beneficiaries of program, though questions remain as to the ways in which Medicaid can, and should, address the systemic issues of economic mobility and intergenerational poverty. While health is critical, it is likely more accurate to suggest that a child’s future economic success is dependent on a myriad of influences, including issues as ambiguous as geography and as specific as exposure to lead. This Issue Brief, however, builds on the previous work looking at the social determinants of health by focusing on the role of education. To borrow from President Johnson, if education is the door, in what ways has Medicaid become, or should become, the key?

  • By the Numbers 4

    By the Numbers 4 is a series of reports about Ohio’s mental health and substance use disorder (SUD) services. This latest edition examines the current state of behavioral health services for adults involved with the criminal justice system, including barriers to accessing

  • City Fact Sheets are now available!

    The Ohio Cities Fact Sheets highlight demographic projections, educational attainment, employment, income, poverty, health coverage, Medicaid, health indicators, and human services participation in all of the cities within Cuyahoga County and in several large cities across the state.