As a precautionary measure, our Cleveland and Columbus offices will be closed and all Community Solutions staff will work remotely through the end of March. Please contact individuals via email or, if an immediate response is necessary, personal mobile devices.
Thank you.

Our Latest Research

  • Policy recommendations to flatten the coronavirus curve

    On March 15, The Center for Community Solutions released a memo outlining steps the State of Ohio and the federal government could take to help flatten the coronavirus curve and to boost Ohio’s economy. Since then, Ohio and the federal government have adopted some of our policy suggestions. This is meant to be a status update of where actions have already been taken and where they have not yet. One caution, policies are changing rapidly so we will update this information regularly. Learn more here.


  • Benefit changes: Redeterminations, requirements affected by coronavirus

    Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the State of Ohio and Cuyahoga County have issued new guidance surrounding the public benefits many Ohioans rely on, including Supplemental Assistance for needy Families (SNAP), Ohio Works First (OWF) and Medicaid. Learn more here.

  • The poorer your neighborhood, the shorter your life

    Not everyone has an equal opportunity to live a long and healthy life. There is much more to health than health care; the conditions in the community in which you live influence how healthy you will be and how long you will live. Being able to measure health outcomes at the very local level is important if we are to shape policies and services that improve these conditions for vulnerable communities. Learn more about the life expectancy in your community here.