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Advancing health, social, and economic issues across Ohio

The Center for Community Solutions is a nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank improving health, social, and economic conditions in Ohio through policy advocacy, research, and data analysis.

Nonpartisan think tank focused on health and human services policy and research

The Center for Community Solutions is a trusted source of analysis and advocacy with a century-long legacy of pragmatic problem-solving in Ohio’s health and human services landscape.

Policy Advocacy

Statehouse testimony, education events like the Medicaid Institute, and legislative relationships amplify community voice and help make sense of a complex system.


Surveys, narrative analysis, demographic research, and community health needs assessments reveal changes useful for government and nonprofit organizations.

Data Analysis

Direct service organizations, funders, and policymakers use our analysis to formulate actionable strategies to develop health, social, or economic support for Ohioans. 

Transforming data into progress

We help make connections among people and organizations working to improve community conditions and the quality of life of all Ohioans.

Behavioral Health

Ohio ranks 38th in mental health care and overdoses are the leading cause of accidental death. We support behavioral health access with advocacy for destigmatizing mental health, especially for youth, with programs like OhioRISE and the Multi-System Youth initiative. 

Maternal & Infant Health

The maternal and infant health crisis is worsening. The March of Dimes gives Ohio a D-rating for preterm births. Comprehensive birth data makes the racial disparities impossible to ignore, so we have focused on Black mothers and babies who suffer from complications more often.


Policies supporting Medicaid are complex and challenging for providers, policymakers, and consumers to understand. We work hard to simplify it, since our Medicaid work intersects with every one of our priority areas. Our Center for Medicaid Policy promotes engagement in health care policy through pragmatic research and analysis.

Poverty & Safety Net

Hunger, public benefits, and tax policies impact Ohio families and their ability to thrive. We lead in research and data analysis on policy, economics, and shifting demographics. We work to strengthen the health and human services safety net by identifying policies can reduce poverty. 

Older Adults

Along with the economic instability that may accompany aging, older adults often face social conditions like loneliness, food insecurity, and changes in family support. We work to enhance the well-being of older adults through our research and policy work that improves conditions for Ohio’s older population.

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