Our Latest Research

  • Medicaid Work Requirement Waiver Analysis: Budget Neutrality

    The Center for Community Solutions estimates that a proposed Medicaid eligibility requirement would cost counties in Ohio nearly $380 million over a five year period. Community Solutions’ analysis shows that County Departments of Job and Family Services would need to provide case management services for nearly 234 thousand enrollees per year at a cost of more than $378 million over the course of a waiver. 

  • Community Solutions Comments on Proposed Medicaid Eligibility Requirements

    In comments submitted to the Department of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services about proposed Medicaid eligibility requirements, the Center for Community Solutions stated it “opposes the proposal.” The proposal, known as the “Group VIII Work Requirement and Community Engagement 1115 Demonstration Waiver,” represents an unfunded, legally questionable, mandate that fails to meet the essential purpose of Medicaid to provide medical assistance.

  • Should Your Address Determine Access to Aging Services? An Analysis of Senior Tax Levies in Ohio

    As demographics shift, Ohio will eventually have a higher percentage of older adults than of children. As older adults live longer and more independently in the community, there is a greater demand for programming and supportive services for this population. Flat funding combined with rising need have left communities alone to answer the questions: who is responsible for paying for senior services? Where will the money to provide basic needs and quality of life services for older adults come from?