Our Latest Research

  • New Medicaid block grant waiver: Risk disguised as flexibility

    The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services unveiled a Medicaid block grant policy guidance to states calling it the ‘Healthy Adult Opportunity’ (HAO). CMS describes the new waiver program as a way for states to seek flexibility in program design for non-disabled adults and to achieve better outcomes. Upon review, however, the guidance reveals itself to be a legally questionable set of exclusionary policy concepts that will increase states’ financial risk, decrease their authority over program design, reduce access to services for multiple populations (including parents, the elderly and disabled), eliminate long-standing oversight protections relative to managed care and encourage institutionalization of older adults.


  • U.S. Department of Agriculture proposes to reduce hunger aid in Cleveland by $13 million annually

    Next year the U.S. Department of Agriculture has proposed reducing annual hunger aid in Cleveland by $13 million and by $21 million in Cuyahoga County as a whole. Approximately 4.1 million meals would be lost in the City of Cleveland and 6.7 million meals in Cuyahoga County. Read more here.



  • The poorer your neighborhood, the shorter your life

    Not everyone has an equal opportunity to live a long and healthy life. There is much more to health than health care; the conditions in the community in which you live influence how healthy you will be and how long you will live. Being able to measure health outcomes at the very local level is important if we are to shape policies and services that improve these conditions for vulnerable communities. Learn more about the life expectancy in your community here.