Our Latest Research

  • Mental health care needs of older adults are growing and the system needs to change

    Systems were designed at a time when the older adult population was smaller and life expectancies were shorter. As the largest generation ages into this population, these older adults are more likely to live in the community in their own homes. While the aging network system of supports has worked well for many, it is increasingly important to consider whether current supports and services best serve individuals in the community. Learn more here.

  • Status of Women in Ohio by County

    These fact sheets highlight demographic, health and social indicators for women in each of Ohio’s 88 counties.


  • Poverty speaks: Survey of low-income residents in Cuyahoga County

    Cleveland is the second poorest large city in the United States, yet policymakers and community leaders rarely have the opportunity to hear from large numbers of people who live at or near the poverty level. The Center for Community Solutions and The Council for Economic Opportunities in Greater Cleveland collected new information directly from low-income residents of Cuyahoga County about the issues and challenges they face. Learn more here.