Our Latest Research

  • County Fact Sheets are now available for all 88 Ohio Counties!

    The Ohio County Fact Sheets highlight demographic projections, educational attainment, employment, income, poverty, health coverage, Medicaid, health indicators and more in each of the 88 counties in the state of Ohio.

  • Interactive strategic review of Medicaid: Part one

    The Ohio Department of Medicaid is no stranger to the politics or the policies of the ACA when it comes to its Medicaid program. What’s more, with eight years of continued administration, Medicaid has undergone significant transformational changes that have fundamentally altered the ways in which the program operates. Because of these changes, and because of the impending gubernatorial election, Community Solutions has undertaken an effort to revisit the strategic direction of Medicaid as an enterprise of the state. The hope with this effort is to inform policymakers, stakeholders and advocates about the direction of the program, as well as its current structure, to ensure effective and efficient administration moving forward. To provide something comprehensive and meaningful, the review is going to be organized in three parts, with concurrent blogs and PowerPoint presentations. The three parts include:

    • Profile: Where are we and where have we been
    • Assessment: What is the current environment, including the opportunities and challenges
    • Recommendations: What should be done moving forward
  • Ohio at a Crossroads: Three years later, an update on the state’s developmental disabilities system

    The past decade has been a period of remarkable change for Ohio’s developmental disability system, as views continue to shift around how to best promote the integrity and independence of individuals served by the system. However, significant change is often accompanied by resistance and discord. Rifts remain among individuals served, family members, providers and disability advocates regarding how quickly change should occur, and to what degree. An increased emphasis on home and community-based services (HCBS) over institutions and sheltered workshops is a welcome change for those who view these settings as exploitative or overly restrictive. Fear does remain though among some stakeholders that an overemphasis on these settings, and abrupt shifts in policy and funding, may leave some without the level of service they need, or access to the options they desire.