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Northeast Ohio is served by various organizations that help and support people. They require sound research on which to base decisions, clear analysis of public policies and legislation that may affect them and their constituents, and forums in which to discuss critical issues. That’s where Community Solutions comes in. Our policy focus includes the following areas.

Health and Human Services

Community Solutions strengthens the health and human services safety net by championing sustainable revenue and funding of services that meet basic human needs, alleviate poverty and reduce disparities.


Community Solutions supports the development of sound, cost-effective Medicaid policies through research, analysis and advocacy.

Older Adults

Community Solutions wants to advance the safety and wellbeing of vulnerable older adults by strengthening laws and funding surrounding elder abuse, transportation for older adults and senior nutrition.

Maternal and Infant Health

Community Solutions wants to improve maternal health and reduce infant mortality through convening, collaboration and community planning.  Community Solutions also wants to increase awareness of and access to the most effective forms of birth control, such as long-acting reversible contraceptive methods (LARC).

Behavioral Health

Community Solutions enhances access to behavioral health services, particularly substance abuse prevention and treatment.