Advancing Wellbeing of Older Adults

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Older adults are one of the most vulnerable populations in our community. With the advancement of medical technology, many are leading longer lives, but there are gaps that make it difficult to sustain an adequate quality of life. Community Solutions works to understand this population and the capacity required to meet those needs.

With advancing age comes advancing needs. Thus, a better understanding of how to efficiently organize resources to maintain choice and independence is fundamental. Older adults represent the fastest growing demographic in our state and region. With the movement away from facility-based care to community settings, the medical and social needs of seniors are becoming more decentralized. This means that solutions to issues of nutrition, transportation and care are individualized and multifaceted.

Older adults also represent one of the largest cost centers in public programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, which means other populations served by those programs are impacted by the economic influence of their care. When seniors leave the workforce, their economic input is reduced, and as a result communities must balance the need for support with the reality of that loss.

Community Solutions has conducted a considerable amount of research on how social services are addressing the needs of older adults. This includes a nationally funded, government-sponsored survey on what aging looks like in major urban areas, as well as analysis of senior nutrition access issues.

Community is built over generations. Learn what Community Solutions is doing to protect and advance the well-being of older adults.