Improving Maternal and Infant Health

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As the United States continues to grapple with a largely preventable maternal health crisis, data reveals Ohio’s families continue to feel the impact of this multifaceted public health issue. While significant strides have been made by providing more support for mothers, the disparities between the outcomes of mothers of color and white mothers persist. Likewise, disparities between Black and white infants also continue, with data demonstrating the gap between them may be widening.

Regardless of race, the alarming statistics infant and maternal health outcomes continue to produce make the United States the most dangerous developed nation to be pregnant.

The Center for Community Solutions is committed to improving infant and maternal health outcomes in our state including infant and maternal mortality rates and the frequency of maternal morbidity incidents. To do this, we have largely focused on improving outcomes for Black mothers and babies who, regardless of social variables  including insurance type, geography, socioeconomic status or age suffer from pregnancy and childbirth complications more often. 

Through research, advocacy and stakeholder engagement from community to policy settings, we will continue to pursue solutions to make Ohio a safer state for families to grow and thrive.