Supporting Sound Medicaid Policy

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Medicaid covers one in four Ohioans, one in two births and is responsible for the majority of the care for the elderly and disabled. With an estimated $25 billion investment in Ohio, it is important that consumers, advocates and providers stay up-to-date on the policy developments of one of the most significant and confusing safety net programs in the United States. The purpose of the CCS Center for Medicaid Policy (CMP), from its founding in 2015, was to increase the capacity of Northeast Ohio’s health delivery system to effectively engage in Medicaid policy making at the local and state levels through effective and timely research and analysis.

The policies that support Medicaid are intricate and interconnected, often making it difficult for providers, policymakers and consumers to understand it comprehensively. Ohio’s Medicaid program provides a vital safety net for vulnerable Ohioans and acts as a crucial financial resource for one of Ohio’s largest employment sectors in health care.

There are over three million Ohioans who receive their care through the Medicaid. Additionally, health care employment outstrips that of manufacturing in Ohio, particularly in rural parts of The Buckeye State. CCS provides educational opportunities to Medicaid stakeholders through research, analysis and conversation. This work includes an in-depth financial model of federal legislation to a multi-state review of policies that examine the intersection of housing and health.

Get the facts. Check out our work on what is being done to cost-effectively manage Ohio’s Medicaid program.