Interactive map: Sexual health education in Cuyahoga County

In 2018, The Center for Community Solutions surveyed middle school and high schools in Cuyahoga County to determine whether schools provide comprehensive adolescent reproductive health education. In other words, are schools in the county providing sexual health education that is medically accurateage-appropriate and inclusive?


The map below is an interactive tool for educators, parents, young people and professionals to use to engage with the data from our survey.


On the upper left hand corner of the map there are two arrows. Click on the arrows to reveal a legend with layers you can toggle on and off using the check boxes. For best results, view the Cuyahoga County Sex Education Survey Data and one other layer at a time.

Each school location is represented by a point on the map. Users can also enter the name of a specific school in the search box located in the upper right corner of the map. Clicking on a point, or searching for a specific school, reveals a pop-up window that reveals the school’s approach to sex ed; whether or not the school brings in outside speakers to supplement their sex ed; and if so, the organization(s) providing the speakers. Finally, if applicable, each school’s sex ed curriculum program is included in the pop-up window.

In addition to the school survey data, this map includes layers for relevant health outcomes and indicators: Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) rates by municipality, including Chlamydia infection rates and Gonorrhea infection rates; teen birth rates by school district; and Medicaid/CHIP enrollment rates among children by school district. Clicking on an area on the map (eg: City of Lakewood, Berea City School District) will reveal a pop-up window containing indicator data from the visible layers.
If the school you are interested in does not have any data available, or if you believe the data for a school is out of date or incorrect, please contact for information about how you can help collect or update data for this school.