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Research Associate Kate Warren authored a series of reports and infographics racial disparities in Cleveland beginning in December of 2018 and going through 2019. Read all of her reports by clicking on the title of the piece below.  

Racial disparities in income run deep in this country. There is work that is happening (or should happen) locally to help close this gap, with the caveat that this list alone will never completely solve this problem. Read more here.  

It is well-documented that black Americans, particularly Black men, are arrested, charged and incarcerated at disproportionately high rates compared to white Americans. Given the devastating impacts of mass incarceration of black men on our communities, what are some policies or solutions that would help alleviate this problem? Learn more here.  

It would be impossible (and irresponsible) to write anything about the criminal justice system without also writing about race. The racial disparities in the system are astounding and unjust. This blog will focus on youth, among whom racial disparities in commitment rates are actually widening, not narrowing. Learn more here.  

What is Cleveland doing, and what more should we be doing to create equitable opportunities for children in our community? Read more here.  

One of the most troubling realities in our community is that our infant mortality rate is significantly higher than the national average. In Cuyahoga County, nearly nine babies out of every 1,000 live births die, compared to a national infant mortality rate of just under six. Still more troubling is that African-American and Latino babies die at even higher rates. Read more here.  

Cleveland, like most communities around the country, is a place where your life outcomes can be determined by your ZIP code, and where people who are black face significantly more challenges than white people.  

It starts with where you live. By all measures, Cleveland’s population is highly segregated by race. Depending on the data used and the way segregation is measured, the Cleveland metro ranks anywhere from the fifth to the 10th most segregated in the nation. Learn more here.  

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