17 Counties Have Health and Social Services Levies on the Primary Ballot 

In the 2020 primary election, voters in 17 counties will have the opportunity to support health and social services by voting on multiple property tax levies. Most of the levies on the ballot this spring are renewals, but several communities are seeking increases or additional levies. Two communities where additional levies to support developmental disabilities services failed in November 2019 are back on the ballot. For those two aforementioned counties, Marion County is once again seeking a 1.7 mill additional levy, while Lawrence County has reduced its ask from 2.5 mills to 1.75 mill this time around. Seventeen counties have health and social services levies on the primary ballot, is your county one of them? Click To Tweet

Most of the levies on the ballot this spring are renewals, but several communities are seeking increases or additional levies.

With a total of eight county levies on the ballot, senior services are the most common type of social service levy. With the exception of Cuyahoga County’s general health and human service levy, which supports a variety of purposes, there are no levies on the ballot that seek to support mental health or recovery services. For nearly half of the levies on the ballots in the state this primary season voters will have to decide if they want to vote for additional or increased levies. All of these levies would provide resources for critical services to those who are most vulnerable, including children, people with disabilities and the elderly.

AshtabulaSenior ServicesRenewal1.0 mills
ColumbianaChildren's ServicesRenewal0.75 mills
ColumbianaSenior ServicesRenewal0.50 mills
CuyahogaHealth & Human ServicesReplacement & Increase3.9 mills + 0.8 mills
ChampaignSenior ServicesAdditional0.5 mills
GalliaPublic HealthAdditional0.5 mills
GalliaSenior ServicesRenewal0.5 mills
GeaugaChildren's ServicesRenewal0.5 mills
GeaugaSenior ServicesRenewal1.0 mills
HancockDevelopmental DisabilitiesRenewal1.9 mills
HancockChildren's ServicesAdditional0.8 mills
HighlandPublic HealthAdditional0.5 mills
HolmesDevelopmental DisabilitiesRenewal + Increase2.5 mills + 1.25 mills
HuronSenior ServicesAdditional0.55 mills
LawrenceDevelopmental DisabilitiesAdditional1.75 mills
MarionDevelopmental DisabilitiesAdditional1.75 mills
MonroeSenior ServicesRenewal0.4 mills
MorrowDevelopmental DisabilitiesAdditional1.5 mills
OttawaSenior ServicesRenewal0.5 mills
PortageChildren's ServicesRenewal0.49 mills
SciotoDevelopmental DisabilitesRenewal1.95 mills

Don’t forget to vote on March 17!

The Center for Community Solutions compiled this data by examining sample ballots from all 88 county boards of election. Shortly after Election Day we will report on the outcome of these levy votes. Don’t forget to vote on March 17!