2021 October Medicaid Institute

On Friday, October 8, Community Solutions welcomed keynote speaker Dr. Mimi Niles and a panel of experts, Da’na LangfordDr. Reena Oza-Frank and Tamiyka Rose, for a discussion about strategies on how to remediate Ohio’s poor performance in infant and maternal health and the role of midwives in eliminating disparities in outcomes.

This virtual Medicaid Institute event featured:

  • Keynote speaker Dr. Mimi Niles, Ph.D., MPH, CNM, Assistant Professor/Faculty Fellow New York University Rory Meyers College of Nursing
  • Panelist Da’na Langford, CNM, Co-Founder, CEO and Medical Director, Village of Healing, President, Da’na M. Langford Consulting
  • Panelist Dr. Reena Oza-Frank, Ph.D., MS-MPH, RD. Data and Surveillance Administrator for the Bureau of Maternal, Child, and Family Health for the Ohio Department of Health
  • Panelist Tamiyka Rose, Health Equity Ambassador, Assistant to the Mayor for Public Policy, City of Akron, Ohio