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About the work

We at The Center for Community Solutions continue in our historical commitment to advocacy on behalf of the health and human services sector. We have made critical strides on behalf of older adults, parents, and children in our policy work. Still, we want to be sure that our continued work and commitment to identifying solutions involve community voice. To do our best with such engagement we are assessing, enhancing and growing our lens for racial equity and justice. While we have aimed to do our best work, we humbly accept the responsibility to make sure we show up as our very best selves for community.

We are deepening our presence in the neighborhood via digital and in person dialogues, forums, and workshops.  We want YOU to know how our research, analysis, and advocacy can elevate awareness, and build relationships and collaborations so that our systems and leadership can best serve the community.

My name is Zulma Zabala, Senior Fellow for Community and Racial Equity,  here to serve this purpose. If you’d like to reach out on any of the events, blogs and essays posted on this page please contact


Buckeye-Woodhill is an Eastside neighborhood with a vibrant history and a promising future thanks to the work of residents, advocates, and community leaders that’s part of Cleveland’s Ward 6. The pieces below will highlight this work and provide ways to support it.

Mount Pleasant

Mount (Mt.) Pleasant is a Cleveland Ward 4 neighborhood with a rich ethnic history. Like Buckeye-Woodhill, the work that citizens, advocates, and community leaders will address the disparities and issues within the community while pushing it toward a brighter future. The pieces below will highlight this work and provide ways to support it.

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Where do we get our information? How can we support the work of the community? Below are the resources that we’ve used to support the community. We hope you find inspiration and support to continue to move forward and make a difference.

Upcoming Events

We’re coming to your neighborhood! Join us in-person or virtually at any of our events below.

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Past Events

Catch up on some of our previous webinars and trainings.