Community Solutions selected to participate in a national Equity in the Center racial equity project

By: Guest Author

A good day begins when you see Congratulations! on the first email you open. We are proud to announce that The Center for Community Solutions has been selected to be part of Equity in the Center’ Inaugural Race Equity Cycle Pulse Check™ Cohort!

Equity in the Center (EIC) is a national organization that works to shift mindsets, practices, and systems in the social sector to center race equity and build a Race Equity Culture. EIC envisions a future where nonprofits and philanthropic organizations adopt a Race Equity Culture, focused on proactive counteraction of social inequities.

We took a bold and courageous move to address their internal and external pulse with racial equity.

Deepening our internal racial equity efforts

The Center for Community Solutions joins a collaborative of other organizations across the country learning forward strategies focused on deepening their understanding and implementation of strategies that advance racial equity. The leading team at EIC was interested in applications from organizations already demonstrating work to advance their own internal racial equity work. In their acceptance letter to Community Solutions, they expressed: “The Center for Community Solutions’ dedication to advancing equity is inspiring, and we are thrilled to welcome you in this transformative journey.”

About Equity in the Center

EIC started as a collaboration between organizations that participated in Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Social Sector Talent Pipelines Strategy and Learning Lab Cohort. The vision was born between ProInspire, Public Allies, and AmeriCorps Alums to form Equity in the Center, which became a 501(c)3 in 2020.

EIC has developed and built a substantive body of work around centering race equity. Their Awake to Woke to Work publication has been widely shared and used by organizations across the country. This led EIC to also create the Race Equity Cycle Pulse Check.

This assessment and the resources provided by EIC were identified by Zulma Zabala as one of her guiding tools when accepting her role as Senior Fellow, Community and Racial Equity. When the opportunity came to apply to become part of cohort for deep dive into these sources with EIC, Community Solutions eagerly applied.

When you know better, you do better!

Zabala responded to the invitation with equal excitement: “We took a bold and courageous move to address their internal and external pulse with racial equity. I’ve been reporting on our progress, and the work is challenging, transformative, and inspiring. We are committed to the journey, ready to face whatever we need to face in order to do our very best. As our elders often say: when you know better, you do better! So, with a spirit of Ubuntu, onward we go!”