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The Center for Community Solutions’ mission is to improve health, social and economic conditions through nonpartisan research, policy analysis, communications and advocacy.

While our work spans the state of Ohio—and, sometimes beyond—Cuyahoga County has been our home base for nearly 110 years, and Cuyahoga County government has been our special partner for all that time. That’s because county governments in Ohio are charged with administering nearly all of our vital health and human service programs.

The County’s leadership and future are of special interest as a new county executive will soon be chosen.

Dear Cuyahoga County Executive 2022


In our role of providing nonpartisan communications, we’ve invited suggestions from a diverse set of emerging and established county leaders for the new county executive related to health, social and economic conditions. Twelve Dear County Executive letters, addressed to whoever becomes the new county executive, include topics such as access to health care, concerns of older persons, racism, mental health of children, and more.

We invite you to read and share the letters and then encourage candidates to respond to the issues set forth therein.

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