Medicaid and COVID-19

Download a PDF of the one-sheet here!

There are some changes to Medicaid in light of COVID-19 and Community Solutions has put together a fact sheet taking a look at some of those changes.

  • If you already receive Medicaid
    • Renewals, redeterminations and eligibility hearings have been suspended
    • There is reduced paperwork for coverage, and the eligibility process has been streamlined. Eligibility is also based on current income.
  • Telehealth
    • Doctors and patients can use telehealth services over the phone, online or through email.
    • New patients who haven’t seen the doctor in person before can use telehealth for medical, clinical and behavioral health.
  • Pharmacy
    • Network restrictions and co-pays have been eliminated.
    • There are reduced prior authorization requirements for many services including pharmacy, nursing homes and congregate care services.