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NEW DATA! Status of Women Fact Sheets 2023

Ohio enjoys a high rate of health care coverage, at 95%. Yet maternal health challenges continue to impact the health of women and their families. Ohio women are educated, engaged…and stretched. Women are more likely to be caregivers, and mothers work at rates higher than the national average. Even when working, Ohio women with children are more likely to live in poverty. Having children increases the likelihood of living in poverty by four-fold.

We have compiled 88 county fact sheets examining the health, social, and economic lives of Ohio women in 2023. Each 4-page document includes more than 160 data points from 13 official sources, with a mix of information from before and during the pandemic.

Ohio women lead in so many areas. Why do they continue to find themselves behind?

  • Women and girls comprise half of Ohio’s population and hold most of the college degrees, yet they are more likely to be in poverty than their male counterparts.
  • Women make up more than half the electorate but are not equally represented in elected office.
  • Women tend to live longer, and in Ohio, remain in their homes and communities at older ages than men. Older women are close to twice as likely to live alone as their male counterparts, and women are much more likely to be caregivers of another adult.
  • Many more female high school students are reporting problems with anxiety, depression, and thoughts of suicide, yet our public mental health service is treating more boys than girls.

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Each county fact sheet is 4 pages. The complete compressed pdf file is 352 pages.


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These fact sheets were compiled by Angela Maher and Suzanna Thiese. Design by Madison Van Epps. Questions? Reach out to

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View the 13 official sources and how they were applied in the fact sheets. Four pages, pdf download.

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This study includes data provided by the Ohio Department of Health, which should not be considered an endorsement of this study or its conclusions.

The status of women is the status of democracy.

Vice President Kamala Harris