Volunteers teach, advocate, protect, empower and keep hope alive

It never fails. Every year, when the winners of the Most Treasured Volunteer Award are introduced, I think “Wow. We are so fortunate to have people like this in our community.” And this year is no different.

This year’s honored volunteers include:

  • A single mom who leads dozens of girls on exciting adventures through cheer and community service, teaching life lessons along the way
  • A man who spent 20 years helping other men get life-saving health care
  • A retired attorney whose advice is sought around the state on legal protections against discrimination
  • A woman who befriends, empowers and advocates on behalf of residents in nursing homes and other facilities
  • A man who uses his long journey of healing and rehab to help others keep hope alive while working through their pain

Please take a moment to read their stories here.

Their outstanding dedication and work is representative of everyone who is nominated for the Most Treasured Volunteer Award. I’m always very thankful that I’m not responsible for selecting the winners from among the nominees. The committee struggles because members are overwhelmed by the goodness that jumps off the pages as they read the stories of our community’s many volunteers—each outstanding and treasured by the people and organizations they help.

We all come away from the process pondering the question: “What more can I do to display the volunteer spirit that’s modeled by these people?”