Benefit changes: Redeterminations, requirements affected by coronavirus


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the State of Ohio and Cuyahoga County have issued new guidance surrounding the public benefits many Ohioans rely on, including Supplemental Assistance for needy Families (SNAP), Ohio Works First (OWF) and Medicaid.

Medicaid recipients can now utilize telehealth services even for first time appointments. Redeterminations are suspended for 180 days, Medicaid benefits will not be lost if renewal process isn’t able to be completed.

For SNAP and Ohio Works First, redeterminations are suspended for six months.

For unemployment benefits, quarantined workers are eligible for unemployment benefits even if they are not diagnosed with COVID19, work search requirements are waived during the pandemic, the waiting period is waived and partially unemployed people can receive benefits.

We at Community Solutions believe that more policy changes need to happen in order to help flatten the coronavirus curve and to boost Ohio’s economy. Learn more about those suggestions here.