Cuyahoga County Community Reinvestment Collaborative Plan: Call for proposals

Brandy Davis
Fellow, Medicaid Policy
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March 11, 2024
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Ohio’s Medicaid Managed Care plans seek to invest in local communities in Cuyahoga County. The Community Reinvestment Collaborative Plan (CRCP) is a partnership with Ohio’s Medicaid Managed Care Plans to invest in solutions that address local needs and social drivers of health to improve population health outcomes in Athens County and Cuyahoga County. Ohio's Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) are reinvesting funds into local communities in a meaningful way that aligns with local needs and priorities.  Athens and Cuyahoga counties will be the primary recipients of the plan’s SY 2024 Community Reinvestment funds, estimated to be between $7 million and $8 million. While projects of many sizes and scope will be considered, prior funded projects have included $600,000 for Appalachian food insecurity programs, $500,000 for a school-based health project, $250,000 for a lead testing initiative, $72,000 for a targeted mental health program for African American males and more.  

Call for proposals opened March 4, 2024

Over the last several months, community members and leaders have gathered to discuss some of the most pressing issues in Cuyahoga County. Through qualitative and quantitative data collection, we have prioritized unmet needs across Cuyahoga County. As a result of these discussions, the following areas were identified as priorities:  

  • Cultural Competency  
  • Innovative Systemic Improvements
  • Workforce Support and Development
  • Community Collaboration and Engagement
  • Data-Supported Efforts

The call for proposals opened March 4, 2024. Information will be collected online, to include details such as the populations served and the social needs addressed by the program. The proposals will be evaluated based on established criteria with a score of one to five. The review period will span eight weeks, and there will also be in-person discussions to review the proposals.  Through this call for proposals, projects may be proposed for consideration. Multiple projects may be selected in each county.

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