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Celebrating those who serve

We regularly celebrate mothers, fathers, and grandparents in special days set aside to honor them. Showing respect and gratitude to life-saving first-responders has been especially critical during the past couple years. We thank those who do even small favors for us, like hold the door open when our hands are full. Now it’s time to...


Nominations Open: $25K Nonprofit and Most Treasured Volunteer Awards 

It’s time to celebrate the people and organizations that do great work in our community.    It’s time to celebrate the people and organizations that do great work in our community! Nominations open today for the annual $25,000 Anisfield-Wolf Memorial Award to a nonprofit organization for outstanding service and the Most Treasured Volunteer Awards.   Who will...


5 People You Need to Know: Most Treasured Volunteers of 2020-2021

During the past two years, the one thing that hasn’t changed is…change. We’ve seen changes everywhere, from how the United Nations holds their meetings down to the addition of masks in our daily attire. Many nonprofit organizations have had to change, too—their hours, their way of delivering service, where their staff works, and so on....


What makes a Most Treasured Volunteer?

Nominate a volunteer today! Hundreds of health and social service organizations serving Greater Cleveland rely on dedicated volunteers to augment their staff. Volunteers perform a vast array of services, not for a paycheck, but for the joy and satisfaction of helping others. For many, time of day or time of year makes no difference; they...


Volunteers teach, advocate, protect, empower and keep hope alive

It never fails. Every year, when the winners of the Most Treasured Volunteer Award are introduced, I think “Wow. We are so fortunate to have people like this in our community.” And this year is no different. This year’s honored volunteers include: A single mom who leads dozens of girls on exciting adventures through cheer...


Anisfield-Wolf Memorial Award: Who should I nominate?

After staffing the Anisfield-Wolf Memorial Award for 35 years, I’m often asked “Should I nominate my organization? What should I highlight?” Simple questions. But not a simple answer. Nominate an organization today! According to the official award criteria: The “service” may have been a program, or it may have been a single, specific activity. It...


Achievement Gap or Resource Gap? A Discussion on Poverty and Opportunity at Celebration of Human Services

On October 26, The Center for Community Solutions hosted its annual Celebration of Human Services. As part of the celebration, Community Solutions organized breakout sessions covering select topics. One such session delivered a powerful panel discussion around poverty and opportunity. Chris Matthews, a parent and Community Change Agent, Mary Bogle, Principal Research Associate at the...

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